Should I make more creations?

Hey everyone it’s me that one person who once in a blue moon contributes to either fan lore or fan heroes. Today’s post however is not about a hero idea or a story. Today is just inquiry regarding what people think so far in this current climate.

As many of you know I write here because it’s a guilty passion of mine but mostly because I gain support from the rest of the people here who also share my interest. However with the latest news I’ve kinda lost motivation

I originally had several hero ideas as well as a story lined up inside my head ready to go.

At least 2 of those hero ideas I would consider innovative and might be difficult to create but definitely be something interesting for US. I was also finally gonna complete the second part of what I thought Malene’s lore would be and working out the plot line for Anka.

I also finally drafted a Silvernail story which I felt satisfied who Silvernail would look like as a character rather than a game sprite.

With the announcement that the game would be on life support however and seeing how everyone is downtrodden about the game ( I’m assuming)

I dunno

I unsure now whether I should continue to work on something that others might consider to be utterly futile now that the game which is the source of everything is now only a former shell inhabited by the ghosts of our dreams.

Should I create more hero ideas to share for everyone and write tales for stories that we might never really see from Her?

Or should I move onto something else?

I know that ultimately asking people what to do when we are distances apart seems like folly.

But I still feel I should ask.

Sincerely, Someone

PS: Apologies for how long and convoluted this document might seem. I literally just dumbed everything I was thinking at that moment into this in a few minutes.


There’s nothing to apologize. If you still love VG, than keep doing what you are doing, but as you can see, people are moving on. I’m sure a lot of people are asking the same question whether to support the game or move on as well, so you are not alone.


I think you should create as much as you like. Don’t base your opinions on what other people are doing or think, base your opinions on your own evaluations of yourself. If you want to create more, create more. If you think it’s time to stop, stop.