Should I get Reim?

I’ve been wanting a good tanky fighter and thinking bout reim. What roles is he viable at with what build

Reim was the first hero I bought and I’ve always liked him. The build I use:

1)Halcyon Chargers/Journey Boots(can swap to teleport boot end game) You start off getting Eve of Harvest, get Chargers if you are having energy problems still. journey Boots are great for running and chasing, as Reim is pretty slow.
2)Eve of Harvest: This gives Reim sustain along with good CP and energy. A good first item for him.
3) Dragon’s Eye: Good CP, Reim is tanky and most of his fights will last a good amount of time to get the stacks.
4) The third attack item I get is either:
Broken Myth if they have a lot of defense, but not the most useful.(You know how defense is)
Spellfire if they have someone who needs sustain on the enemy team
Alternating Current: I like this on Reim a lot. I’ve found myself not getting it as much lately but it is very useful. More CP damage on your attacks and he already has a 80% CP on his basic attacks.(Over 2 seconds, stacks)His attacks also slow people, which I makes this even more effective.
5) Metal Jacket: This makes Reim tankier. If you need to get atlas.
6) Aegis: Reflex block + CP defense. (I did build a Fountain one time when my team didn’t have a support, we won that game lol.)

Some people might now build defense on Reim, but I still do. I notice a difference.

JB | EH | DE | SF/AC/BM | MJ | Aegis |

Perk: Reim’s basic attack deal 15-54 + 80% CP over 2 seconds(30% of this damage is granted as fortified health) and Chills Opponents.
When hitting chilled opponents they get a 60% slow that decays over .6 seconds (Use this at its maximum)

A: Winter Spire: This ability is a skillshot, but I found it very easy to master. Overdrive it first because it gets +1.5 range. This also deals 25% more damage to chilled targets. You can combo this with his perk’s slow to throw spire and as they are walking away you can basic attack them to make it hit them again.
It also happens to Jungle Monsters so you can throw spire, AA, and it will hit them when they are chilled for maximum damage. Also easily spammable.
(35% of this damage is gained as fortified health)
B: Chill Winds: You basic attack an enemy hero and use this to root them. Can easily guarantee a spire or Ult hit.
You don’t want to use this on anything but hero’s, it takes some energy.

C: This ability has a 1 sec delay from when you tap it. A slight skillshot. It slows people on the outside and stuns in the middle. I use it during teamfights or on running enemies. (The center is where you tap so you can slow enemies that are running through it)

Reim is very tanky while dealing great damage. I start with a Crystal Bit + Battery and rush Eve. Get boots in between Eve though. The sooner you get travel boots the better but you also want to be build defense at the same time. See who is in your lane or who you are fighting the most and build more of that first. I sometimes get some shield pierce or attack speed before selling it for another item if I need to.

I use Reim on top lane or Jungle(Lol). In 5v5 make sure to get the boosts from the Jungle.

Have fun with him if you do buy him lol. I went on for a while.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is some ranged hero’s can be hard to deal with. Combing his abilities and hope they are squishy works for me.


Dude, when it comes to Tankyness, no other hero beats Reim. Maybe Churnwalker (no idea why he just doesn’t die)

Just keep landing those skill shots and you can be in the middle of the fight and somehow get kills, somehow not die, and before you know it, you’re victorious and they’re running away.

Aparently the new recently buffed Ozo is quite tanky, but yeah… I wouldn’t use him.

honourable mention to Ardan. He’s right up there for tankyness. it’s his CC, his instant speed buff and his perk that makes him so good.

I hear ozo is a trick hero you either are a master or you are taking where the Celeste star don’t shine. Been thinking about reim for like a month since crafting his skin my last 2 purchases I don’t like their style(skaarf and kensei) honest skaarf was only bought cuz I got his skin from a quest kensei was an impulse buy after getting the .99 deal that gave you ice chest and glory

Get Reim. He’s just so good. He’s one of the heroes that can shine even when the internet is making you Hop, skip and jump.

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Definitely. He’s easily one of the highest skill cap heroes in the game (though not to the extent of Skye or a few others). While his kit is kinda simple and straightforward, you have to put some level of investment in him in order to know how get the most out of it, especially in regards to positioning and TRC usage, more so with CP.


reim is my main , and i play him jungle in 5v5 if 2 laner went wp and its rare
this is what stopping me from playing reim in 5v5 a lot , always 2 laners want to cp

you can play bottom wp reim too , but its difficult , you need a good roam

i think i won most of my games as reim in 5v5 , his AOE damage from his abilities and his AOE root are very good in 5v5 , whenever i land my root all enemies dead , like poke and chill enemies from distance , then boots to them and root , that moment your team should jump on them and kill them , i did it a lot in 5v5 .

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Not gonna lie, haven’t even played him in 5v5. But in 3v3 when he was good (probably still is) you used to go SG/DE Eve and block. Then you get BM or finish defenses depending on the game. Then the other one. Journey boots are almost always the best option.

Reim is just deadless man (30 characters)

Reim is strong in 5vs5 and 3vs3, if you like his kit - take him.