Shiversteel on vox

Could shiversteel have helped in this situation? I was kiting well and didn’t die a lot except when flicker got onto me with the entire team but even with someone like vox ,kiting this team was very hard with the constant slows and roots. My build was PS BP and was building towards a bonesaw/shiversteel.My damage output was decent as I was building stacks easily of rona and flicker but surviving to make use of the damage was a problem

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Well first of all The names are visible
But shiversteel wouldn’t have been too useful. You would have gotten a tankier, but weaker Vox, more of a bruiser. Also, shiversteel can only help so much. Malene has the best escapes in the game, baron can get rid of the shiversteel slow if he jumps (overdriven), while Joule and Rona are tanky enough to get away anyway.

The only decent thing with it would be kiting Rona and Joule, but

  1. Vox does that well enough anyway
  2. He wouldn’t have done any damage
  3. Flicker has war treads and his ultimate to chase you down.

I didn’t want shiversteel to dive them but more to stop them from catching up to me easily as that rona was slowing me with SS+red buff along with flicker who was annoying.

You clearly weren’t a threat. Probably because of the ramp up time for you to deal any damage. Look at the enemy team. No armour no SH, clearly you weren’t impressing them.

Malene even went full glass cannon. Where is your side of this picture?

I think more upfront damage would have been better. Bonesaw? Why against whom? Nobody had any armour…

Throwing in a sorrowblade/Spellsword/Serpents mask would have increased your upfrontdamage.

I was matched up against rona and cp Baron in lane hence I went for PS BP build to manage rona and build up stacks off the 3 front line heroes they had. The game was actually balanced right up to 15 mark but suddenly they pushed with all 5 members in mid and powered through. I did few build mistakes as you pointed out but when they pushed mid the cc was a problem

You had no damage. None at all. A tb would have made a big difference as would a SB…


Aside from the whole Vox with Shiversteel thing, holy hell you played with DucMen2k. He is a Vietnamese pro player and looking at the KDA he sure did play one hell of a game.
Ps that build is busted. Go something else like SB TM TT BP.


Yep. By the time I realised it the game was over.

The only qiestion is, how does Varya have so much healing? She must have taken every. single. healing treant. :confused:

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Cp buff grants lifesteal…,


That’s right, forgot :slight_smile:

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Another option is that she started with boe and only sold it for the final crystal bit. Her damage is in line with that much healing.