Shadowverse: A Good Time to Start

Hi there :^)

as you may not know, it was the 3rd birthday of the card game Shadowverse recently

to celebrate, the devs have given everyone a bunch of free stuff as well as 3 events going on currently, these events being a special Grand Prix tournament format, a private match raffle event and a new First Farers event.

right now is quite a good time to get them game because not only do you get the normal new players stuff (10 packs in each expansion+a legendary pack i believe?), the 3 birthday events give lots of free stuff, the daily pack give away for the new expansion and maybe even the birthday present.
There will also be a major update soon with a new expansion, Rebirth of Glory.

to get you started, there are 8 classes you can pick from in shadowverse to play as

Forestcraft, that has nature themed with elves and woodland beings.

It’s not desire… It’s love!

Swordcraft, with knights and ninjas and pirates. your melee weapon class.

Sky Knights, prepare for battle!

Runecraft, you magic class, focusing on spells and rituals.

Disaster… my only desire.

Bloodcraft, the edgelords, this craft focuses on using their defence (health) as a resource to become more powerful.

I’m powerless
for now…

Shadowcraft, edgelords v2.0, this class uses zombies and skeletons and ghosts to overwhelm the opponents before using their dead bodies as a resource to become even stronger.

Duels never end.

Havencraft, full of both good religious girls and heretical beings, if you want to use a shrine or a temple to be come stronger, then pick this one.

Abandon all else, and fall before me

Dragoncraft, with big lizard boys that have wings and may breathe fire. the ramp class that tries to get more play points than the opponent

Before creation, there was destruction.

And, my personal favourite, Portalcraft
real life got you down but you dont want to be lonely? how about playing with puppets and robots instead :^)

am the perfect puppet!

So, if this ramble has convinced you to play (or at least try out?) shadowverse, please friend me at 624 821 159


Oof have not played since the end of the wonderland meta (Pre-nerf Blood was so dumb back then)

i did not actually play in that era because i onyl started after the introduction of the 8th class because of the cool puppet art.

they have brought back unnerfed versions of the best decks in the history of the game to be used in private matches though

I forgot the name of the card, but Blood used to be able to used pre nerf Baphomet to search it and reduce the cost and usually OTK on turn 6 because the card added dealt 8 damage to the enemy when evolved whenever it attacks, so it could deal 16 damage whenever it hit face. Either that or it was 14 damage…I forgot. O yeah and it had ambush, so it was difficult to counter :^). I think is was Dweller of the Abyss or something along those lines. Gotta double check the name

that was spawn of the abyss (or cthulu) and he has actually been unnerfed since :^)

Almost got it right lol. They seriously un nerfed it???

yep and it isn’t used in any meta decks either :eyes: mostly because baphomet is still bad.

Downloading rn for the waifus and maybe bc Cygames is one of the most generous devs for gatcha games but waifus are more important

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as good a reason as any :latin_cross:

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I have finished this event so i shall be editing the post to be less me focused

Built a spell boost deck and the deck is so prone to misplays holy hecc. Kinda why I love Runecraft so much cause it is generally one of the harder classes :^)

However I hate how swordcraft is the best class rn. I hate swordcraft with a passion (As well as the storm mechanic…at least how Cygames handles it)

sword is quite good and it looks like it will get even better next expansion, but runecraft is also one of the best decks right now (if not the best)
what does your list look like?

spellboost skeleton

Looks similar to that, but I was thinking of bumping core down to 2. I just need to get used to the deck at this point, but I still hate how many powerful storm cards are out rn when we have a life total of 20

But I’m happy Spellboost is good again cause Daria boost was one of my favorite decks

daria is runes best deck in unlimited right now, dshift has fallen out of meta for about 2 expansions.
and storm is a big part of next expansion, unfortunately

Welp right now my most hated deck is machina blood. The alpha drive card is busted. Like…how do you play against that outside of aggro? I don’t get why Cygames keeps printing storm cards that buff themselves to ridiculous levels. It’s the one thing I hate about shadowverse and I think it’s what made me quit in the first place. Powerful charge cards should have no place in a game with a very low life total

However one good thing to note is the fact that I love how Runecraft is so fun to play regardless while maintaining a high skill floor and cap compared to other decks. Spellboost is the best

i like alpha drive. mono is quite cool because that is only 1 of about 2 ways she can evolve and you can play around it by counting dead machina.