Server Migration takes too long?


I just moved again, for another season or so (1-3 months) from EU to SEA and have wanted to migrate my VG account with me so I could play. Turns out, the process said to take about 6 weeks, which…I may have left and return to the EU by then. What should I do? Is it still possible to cancel my request from the Migration Q?

I personally don’t want a smurf account. I’m tier 9 and my ELO is doing great, I don’t want it to deteriorate and obviously do not enjoy the low-ELO matchmaking hell.


I’m new to the Forum and dont know if Dev reply here so I’m gonna state here. Have you emailed them? They will change it in a day. But they have to confirm that you are in that region so make sure to login from there before emailing them.


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