SEMF u gotta step up

I am the top player in our guild leaderboards. Git gud bois hit dat grind :pouting_cat:

Insert subtle brag :no_mouth:

Btw do you have an EU branch?

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One day ill join the secret guild semf

Shhhh you know I had to flex on our bois when leaderboards came out (Also I am NA)

Isn’t that only out of the 50 or so people in your guild?

we had one but no one joined… we have EU people in the discord tho

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I really don’t feel like grinding ranked right now lol.
Though I wish the guild was active. We should boot inactive people for room(More active people) But they would stay in the discord. This way there would be an active guild.
If I’m online I’ll be down for some casuals(5v5 or 3v3) just don’t make me 5v5 jungle lol

Just dropping a reference for those not in the guild or who can’t access the leaderboards. There’s two open spots in the guild if anyone wants in, btw.

If someone invites me I’ll join

Inv me and I become number 1 :ozo:

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you dont need an invite to join, its open
just friend DarkHydra2002

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