SEMC you dropped to copying standards?(not really)

honestly im surprised no one even mentioned magnus chase. I mean has no one read Percy jackson before.
this is a clear copy of a orignal character from Rick Riordan’s movel series Mangus chase, which includes runes magic and nores mythology.

Please justify this SEMC. You could have named him anything but really?

I know I know its just the name but still, copying concept for large scale business can be really dangerous.
So while its not too late please change the name thats all thank you.

OK I agree with the criticism, the name isn’t copying and maybe the abilities aren’t even close.
Also, Don’t really have anything to back it up
So yeah I will just wait for the update to release and stop being a brat.
This is turning into an unnecessary hassle, I was just maybe a little shocked because something else going on IRL and took the teaser for the hero in a wrong way.
That’s my conclusion.

Huh. Very interesting … I’ve not read the Percy Jackson books, but Wikipedia reveals this summary:

So, other than the name, why do you accuse SEMC of copying that character?


Just name I guess and the concept of rune magic. That is it.

Let’s just close the topic, it doesn’t really matter.


No percy and annabeth = not worth my time


Tho leo and olga is pretty alright

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Well, in fact, it does matter, as you made an accusation that doesn’t seem to have much to back it up. After about 30 ms of searching, I uncovered this list which includes a number of fictional characters named “Magnus” …

Perhaps instead of closing the topic, it’d be more appropriate to revise your original post.

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According to Wolf_Hands, Magnus comes from the Latin as I think was Sonata though it could be a Gythian name.

Yes, it means “great” in Latin. (It’s amazing that I can still remember the first sentence I ever read in Latin class: “Villa est villa Romana.” :nerd_face:)

names don’t make it copying, they can be reused by many different people. it is very likely that your name is not unique. and the abilities of magnus have only been revealed to be an arcane mage, so possibly not using runes either. but i am also pretty sure that magnus does not have magic abilities (i got bored after the first book though). as you can see by the picture they dont look the same either. they don’t have the same backsground (magic prince vs demigod).

so really, the only thing in common is their name, which, as hazeleyes shows, cannot be called copying at all.


I find that his name doesnt fit his look. Magnus has the feeling of a older type name. Like the name of a old wizard or magical god.

Not a young gythian prince.

Tru…but he doesnt look like a young prince in his splashart…so i guess that works