SEMC support blows!

Ok I am about to quit VG (or only play it when I really have time now)

So I thought it would be good for my guild if I transfer the leadership to someone else that I trust and have been in the guild for long time. I also wanted to make some other guys officers.
However, I hit the wrong button and made a guy (whom I don’t know) the leader.

I contacted nicely and asked him to transfer it back. He never replied.

I contacted the support and asked if they could do something. They said that guild, and guild politics are not something that they can touch. They are sorry.

I said no this is not politics, I was wrongly hit a button, and if your UX design was better and asked me for a confirmation, then this did not happen.

They still said no, guild is not something that they can touch, like an auto reply but from a different person.

I gave up.

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This is really lame from them. They should have the tools to trace who was previous guild owner/creator and that it was transferred recently… so sad.


Yeah, I agree that their UI is atrocious – requiring confirmation for an irrevocable action is just basic good UI design.

How many times has this come up with them? Remember the original talent purchase button? You could spend 55,000 glory just by your finger brushing over the button. They only thought to add the “press and hold” mechanic after an outcry from people who accidentally spent all their glory that way.

Worse than their terrible UI design in this case is their complete indifference to your plight with the guild.

Smh … SEMC, always going the extra mile to piss off their players …


This is an unfortunate example, but I’ve had several positive experiences with the support team. A few of their replies to me I felt went above and beyond.

Perhaps shift the conversation with them from reverting the change to suggested improvements for the guild and social tab UI. Larger buttons, a tap and hold/confirm, etc so that this unfortunate incident doesn’t happen to others.

Tbh, I agree with them not getting involved directly with your request. Sets a precedent of a slippery slope. Anyone can say they made a mistake or misclicked.

It’s a sucky situation and I’m sorry you’re dealing with it.


I strongly disagree, as this is actually due to a flaw in the UI design. The job of a UI designer is to make it impossible to do something that’s undo-able by accident. The guild UI is a wreck in many ways, but in this, it’s an utter failure. I do understand the reluctance to get involved in guild matters – back when guilds were actually a thing, “guild politics” was a big issue, believe me! – but this is not that situation at all.

A more reasonable response would have been for SEMC to attempt to contact the player to whom the guild had been transferred and request that they transfer it back. If the account is dormant (which is easy for SEMC to determine), they should transfer it back to the previous owner, with the caveat that it was a one-time thing and if it happens again, too bad so sad.

That’s good customer service, imo.


That’s a good point. I just understand why they wouldn’t get involved. It could lead many others then saying a mistake was made, when maybe one wasn’t. Operating in the gray can get tricky. That said, I agree with your reply and the example you gave - it would be good customer service.

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Back in the days before SEMC decimated the guilds by getting rid of the end-of-season guild rewards, there were a lot of shady things that SEMC had to deal with regarding guilds. But those days are long past, and a more reasonable approach would certainly be more appropriate in this case.

My opinion, and worth every cent you paid for it. :wink:

their support was soooo pleasing back then, I had really good experiences with them. But this time is so bad.

oh and @hazeleyes I think it is my job to point this out for you :slight_smile:
UI - User Interface is the look of the game/app
UX - User Experience is the experience on that game/app
I’m a UX designer and I explain that to people every time :slight_smile:
well both are bad on VG anyway so…
but I agreed 100% with your point.

PS: Who else hate that top right corner pop up so freaking much? That black thingy about who liked you or the player you disliked was punished… like who gives a damn about it? and why isn’t there a close all button on them?

This is how long I’ve been doing UI/UX design, sir … I still have my original copy of this. :wink:

The distinction between UI and UX design is artificial, imo, and VG is a perfect example of why they shouldn’t be treated as separate.


haha sensei please forgive me


When I used to play clash of clans this leadership thing was a big problem , from people joining clans and offering things if they get the leadership then kick everyone and close the clan then leave , people give leadership to others by mistake , people leave their clan and forget they were the leader which makes the system make someone random a leader , atleast you could communicate with the guy who got the leadership , in clash of clans a lot people gave it to a dead account in their clan and supercell refused to fix the mistakes , I think they just made a rule that if the leader inactive for certain time the leadership transfer to someone else .

I think at the end it’s your guild and the players should trust you and you trust them , because they can at any time create a new guild and move all or half of them there and leave your guild , I don’t know if the guy inactive or wants the leadership , but you can make the members involved in the situation by voting or asking the guy to give it to you , if I was in your guild and you gave me leadership I would give it back instantly , my clan in clash of clans was running with coleaders we didn’t have a leader it was just a title .

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Because guilds are a thing in VG rn… seriously, this should be look at per case and in this one resolved without any drama.

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Pragmatically I can understand why they didn’t do it on another level: to just not open a can of worms.

This is hypothetical but, imagine all the people that this has already happened to that they may have said no to in the past. I doubt this is a first. Secondly, they’d be having to pick sides in a dispute between players that might not be clear cut. What about people who do a transfer then simply regret it later on, or do it on a whim and then try to change their minds. I don’t think support wants to be dealing with those kind of social issues, much less the amount of times that it’s bound to happen, so they just left it alone.

Does that excuse the ui blunder, nah, but I see them more likely to fix that at some point than go around redacting any transfers made.

In this example he reached to them right after the transfer. Dunno why you people all talk about hypothetical scenarios when we got exact one here. Support should deal with that per case, not: “we do it for him, we will do the same for someone who wants guild ownership return 2months after he transferred it to another player”

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good news this morning, the guy gave it back to me, still did not say a word. I just told him thank you. lol phew…


That’s great! Glad to hear it worked out!!


Well luckily it worked out so it’s pretty moot, but just as a response: support usually doesn’t take an individualized approach because of the dynamics of an individual situation. There are usually set guidelines and at a certain point it doesn’t matter what your personal situation is, and that is good for fairness to players and for reasonable support. If this person didn’t get their leadership back I wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t like semc having to pick sides in personal disputes without clear guidelines and means for analysis more.

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