SEMC should steal this idea


AoV has a new mode coming … looks like it will involve teams made up of 5 of the same hero. I’d love to see a brawl mode like that in VG!


They should mimic a number of modes.

The multiple hero things are from League of Legends after all.

I would like to see most if not all the crazy stuff League does with side game modes they have implemented as permanent or seasonal modes in VG, be it for 3v3 or 5v5.

Sure, it’ll lead to some rather cheesy shenanigans, but at this point, we need some cheese in everything, lol.


Agreed! My very favorite mode in AoV, for example, is Hook Wars, which is crazy and cheesy but fun as hell.


I would agree with it if ques weren’t divided enough. I still think we should have one brawl mode with rotations.


That’d be the way to do it, for sure. (AoV does that with some of their modes – Hook Wars is only open on weekends, for example.)


This is literally just LoL’s one for all. It’s not a new idea. There’s lots of different things you can do with Mobas, this is one, BR/ARAM is another, Blitz is another. All of them are good modes (or were before talents) but I think should be rotated as seasonal modes, like one for all was, or onslaught in VG (I know people hated it, but I liked it and imo it’s actually a good way to use talents)


I didn’t say it was a new idea (@Orikson already pointed out above that it is based on a mode from League) – I just said it was a GOOD idea.

I think rotating modes by season is waaaaaaaay too infrequent – in order to keep interest up, you’d need to rotate much more often. AoV opens certain modes on certain days of the week – I think that’s pretty ideal, as it gives people a lot of variety as well as the opportunity to play their favorite modes frequently.


Yeah maybe weekly is a better idea, I hadn’t thought about that. I do get bored of modes quickly.

I think the problem though is that the idea of Brawl modes (blitz especially) is that they’re quick, a game to play when you’ve got a short break, or are waiting for something, or basically just 5-10 minutes to waste. If you have something like one for all, it wouldn’t be so short. Not that you can’t come up with other modes which are short though


I think that’s what happened with Onslaught. It wasn’t utterly terrible (actually it was), but it was very limited and got old quickly. But it stayed in the client for an entire season, and most everyone soon ignored it.


Here’s something I have to add to the conversation.

Game modes that SEMC can copy or take inspiration from:

  1. DoTA2.
  • Diretide 2012.
  • Wraith-Night.
  • Fighting the Year Beast.
  • Weekend Battle Cup.
  1. League of Legends.
  • Hunt of the Blood Moon.
  • One-for-All.
  • Black Market Brawlers.
  • Invasion.
  • Dark Star: Singularity.
  • Legend of the Poro King.
  • Snowdown Showdown.
  • Ultra Rapid Fire mode.

If you want to know how they work, please visit the wikis.

I personally would like to have VG’s own version of ‘Diretide 2012’, ‘One for All’, ‘Black Market Brawlers’, and ‘Invasion.’

I find them very cool.

Though, Vainglory probably has to add more basic things before they can even think of giving any time to additional game modes.


Imagine that without talents…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



There was one gamemode i thought could be really fun if explored.

Do you guys remember gold rush? Just ringo in the lane? How cool would it be if gold rush was upgraded into a gamemode?

  • Sovereign’s rise map 3v3

  • Only the 3 lanes, 1 v 1

  • Overall, the team needs to get x amount of gold first to win, so like maybe 5000?

  • Losing turrets give like 500 gold so it really forces players to 1 v 1

This could be a perfect solution to get better at laning and trading while being a fun gamemode. It’s basically a competitive tutorial that could improve the quality of the playerbase. Hell, I’d play it, I suck at lane! Make it open to any hero, and see what happens!


They were traumatized because they did it wrong: it wasn’t well thought out, it was implemented in minimum-effort fashion, and it hung around way too long.

That would be hilarious :ozo:


Oof i just super edited my post, take a look


I’ve thought a “capture the flag” mode would be cool. Or an “assault/defend” mode.


In all honesty, even though I’m the compiler of Talent Stats and almost all related Talent data; I find that Talents don’t really make games interesting.

Sure, some gives unprecedented effects that are pretty cool. Most fall into the ‘buff & broken’ catergory.

I wouldn’t not miss them if they are removed, though I would cry if there’s no huge refund considering the amount of Glory I’ve sunk into them to make some hero Talents Glory farms (Flicker and Fortress Talents have achieved this status as their Rare Talents have been maxed).

But enough about Talents.

Onslaught to me was a bit of a flop for a few reasons. Those are:

  • It was very fast paced, too fast to actually get randoms to coordinate together.
  • It was all dependent on skill and communication, which the general player base sorely lacks most of the time.
  • Some heroes have abilities that give windows of invulnerability. This bypasses the ‘Justice! Rains from above!’
  • It seemed to not so subtletly suggest “Buy Talents, you’ll do much better!”

And yes, it stuck long enough for players to not miss it at all. Barely anyone ever says: “Bring back Onslaught!”


Eleborating a bit further on what I want as new game modes that rotate daily, every few days or weekly…

Note that these suggestions were made without taking into account cue times. Only plausible player interest and my wants are considered.

  1. First suggestion: Looters & Monsters.

Style - PvP.
Based on DoTA2’s Diretide 2012.

Basic outline:

  • Teams of 3 or 5 face off each on a map.
  • Structures are invulnerable in this game mode.
  • Goal is to gather as many possible Artifacts across the map.
  • These Artifacts will replace everyone’s Scout Cam.
  • Artifacts must be brought to a set location in the team’s side of the jungle.
  • Artifacts can drop from jungle camps and Captain minions.
  • Either team can pick up these Artifacts.
  • Killing an enemy will cause them to drop all Artifacts they have.
  • Players can snatch an Artifact from the enemy’s camo, bit it takes a few seconds of channeling to break through the protection and steal one Artifact.
  • Throughout all these looting, 2 to 4 Monsters (depending on the map) will spawn at the 2 1/2 minute mark.
  • These monsters roams around the map in a fixed but randomly selected pattern.
  • They will break from this pattern if they spot a hero, chasing them until the hero is no longer visible.
  • A hero attacked by a Monster will die in three hits. They can be revived by team mates, but only twice.
  • Players can toss a Monster an Artifact to shake it off. Any Artifact loss through this way dissappears entirely.
  • Game ends when a team collects 15 Artifacts, the time ends at 10 minutes or an entire team is killed by the Monster.

Kind of confusing, no?

  1. Second suggestion: One for All.

Style - PvP.
Simple one really. Inspired by the game mode with the same name.

Basic outline:

  • A team is randomly assigned a hero.
  • Both teams can end up with the same hero.
  • Everyone starts at level 12 and has infinite gold.
  • Cooldowns are reduced by 20%, 30% and 50% for A, B and Ult abilities respectively.
  • The map is confined to the mid lane only.
  • The game ends when one team gets 25 kills, has destroyed all three turrets leading into the base of the enemy or the timer ends at 10 minutes.

Shenanigans. Imbalance to the max. Have fun and do crazy things I say!

  1. Minion Convention.

Style: PvP.
Based on Black Market Brawlers.
This game mode is a bit longer and emphasis on making synergistical minion purchases/upgrades based on your team comp.

Basic outline:

  • Players fight in one lane.
  • The start will be like Battle Royale and the map will be similar.
  • The addition is that the whole team passively gains a Minion Token every 30 seconds.
  • This Minion Token is shared among all members of a team.
  • Killing a minion grants 1 Token for each minion, regardless of their type.
  • Players can spend these Minion Tokens for Minion Upgrades or Hire More Minions.
  • Hire New Minions either gives you additional minions in a wave (max. 4 for Melee Minion, max. 2 for Big Ranged Minion, max. 3 for Ranged Minions), grants a Captain Minion (max. 2), or hire new types of Minions to replace Standard Minions.
  • Upgrade Minions is essentially what it says, granting upgrades to existing Minions. Can be things like having critical strike change, slows, Mortal Wounds etc.
  • What these new upgrades and new Minions will be? Anything you can imagine that might be intresting I guess.
  • Game ends when one team shatters the other team’s Vain Crystal.

Hiring standard Minions give numbers advantages, but gives opponents more Minion Tokens. Hiring new types of Minions to replace standrd ones can be expensive and some require upgrades to feel satisfying to have been added to the team.

There are many avenues this can be explored I say.

It’s a game of managing resources and rooting for your Minions! Show an appreciation to these little buggers!

That’s all I have to say for now.

Hope you all like that.

What are your own suggestions?


That you get yourself hired as a game designer? (Not at SEMC, I’d prefer you to join a company with more resources and longevity.)

Dang, all good ideas – love em!


5 Baron. Good luck killing all of them and surviving the AOE :^)


this is like @Gatorrex 's idea of all for one and one for all mode.