SEMC hiring new people

I saw this on reddit
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What does this mean is this a good thing? Or a bad thing?
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It’s really hard to know. On the one hand, it’s unlikely they’d be looking to hire staff if the end were near. On the other, they may simply be looking to replace people who’ve fled left on their own as opposed to those who were “laid off” (“fired” being the more accurate term, since there’s no chance they’ll be rehired).

Not quite sure either, but I think “Out of Game Experience” might be better :man_shrugging:


Not much really, I have seen a lot of companies that always got such open positions and doesn’t hire anyone for years. For various reason, sometimes they search only for “supa dupa talent that should work for free”, sometimes they forgot about the publication, sometimes X.


Hopefully some of the jobs will get taken so they can make some progress on the huge backlog of bugs :roll_eyes:


Nothing new, it already there since the lay off and they renew the post every 1-2 weeks, the only job that diasappear is AI engineer so far

I think they going to make sure they stay a small team because it’s a good excuse , I don’t see hiring or firing means anything , I don’t think vainglory going to die soon like others even with their mistakes I think they believe in their game and they going to do anything to save it .