SEMC has launched an online player portal / Twitch Prime promo

As the title says, SEMC recently launched an online player portal,, that can be logged into with your in-game login info. At the moment, it’s very barebones, only allowing you to buy ICE (via Stripe), redeem voucher codes, and change your account password.

Hopefully it’ll be used for things other than these in the future.


Like changing your username without shelling out 10 bucks worth of ICE :^)


Damn I wasted my BP ICE on a name change, if this happens I’ll 100% have regrets lmao.

thank for update redeem voucher future can use get heros or skin

Damm so maybe with their website i can actually load up my offline friends list in future?


SEMC might finally get their promise and get card art back !


That’s quite a leap of faith right there …

Most likely the Twitch Prime event will give a code to those who has twitch prime and therefore you’ll redeem it on the website.

Just a hunch


Got my twitch prime code and to my surprise, it says its incorrect or already used?? What???

Emailed support in hope that I actually get what I should have gotten


gg, SEMC. Not even the site works properly ;-;

This is like the 50th time i’ve said it.

“SEMC will never cease to surprise me”

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Here’s the announcement for those unaware of the promotion …

Link to claim your code:

Edit: here are the 6 heroes that the promo code unlocks:

Edit #2: The two emoji are apparently: :new_call_me::new_heart:

Also: if any of the above are duplicates, you get 20 opals per dupe hero, 50 essence per dupe emoji.

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wait its 50 essence per extra emoji? everytime i get another snow emoji (which are the only ones i have been getting recently) i get 300 ice