Self re-order the home page

I think it’d be neat for us to be able to re-order the category order on the home page for ease of access to what we use most. I don’t really use the Help! category at all, but I use the Broken Pipe all the time. Is there a way we can change the list order around? (or is it already there and I’ve missed it lol)

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The current version of Discourse doesn’t let you set the category order for yourself, unfortunately. I like the idea as well, but there’s no way to do it.

Aside from fixed category positions (which is how we have things set here), the only option is to have Discourse show the categories in order of activity. We all felt that would be much too confusing, as it would change on basically every page load.

That said, I’m more than willing to consider suggestions about re-ordering things. There’s nothing set in stone about the current order of categories. (For example, Help was put first because we figured that most people would visit it often when learning how to get around Discourse. But that’s hardly the case nowadays, so it’d make sense to move it off the top spot, I’d say.)

Oh, that’s a shame. It would totally be confusing to see everything move around all the time though. I think with the forums kind of settling in Help should be moved down a notch or two as people have pretty much gotten the hang of it (seems like everyone’s a Regular now). In order of how I’d personally like to see it, it’d go Announcements, Useful Resources, VG Discussion, Fan Creations, Guilds, Dear SEMC, Broken Pipe, Help, Forum Stuff, Off Topic. I think that’s all of them. It kind of gets everything VG (forum) related out of the way before more off-topic or forum-specific stuff. For regulars who already know their way around and aren’t reading any of that stuff or will barely visit it.

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