Selecting Region as a option

After reading Sea players getting better connections to EA and NA. wouldn’t it make sense to let players choose servers?

other games have this feature, where it will automatically list servers in order of lowest ping.

Let us choose servers. other games will also let you know if the server is full or low, which means at any one time, servers will never be overloaded.

please make VG better, SEMC. idea’s are everywhere. listen to us.

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Hmmmm… im sure evrybody will just go to the NA server…but dunno how will this affect every server… will going in another server cause lag? I mean SEA is laggier than the other region. If i had the choice to go to some better server wouldn’t i just go to a better server?

You can actually submit an email to have your server switched, you’d lose all your friends tho.

How will that affect your connection… if i transfer to NA will my commection be better or worse…just asking

SA would just die lmao :joy::joy:

It doesn’t even need to automatically select a server. Idm if it’s manual. Honestly, this feature should have been worked on the moment they started getting complaints about SEA.
Other games have this feature, so I don’t see why VG doesn’t, especially with its server problems. SEA is suck a shambling mess that it’s ascended to a meme, come back to being a serious issue that’s discussed, and then back to a meme. This is the server that gets ‘fixed’ and then gives players 700 ping.

I’m sorry to bring up Battlerite comparisons, but Stunlock studios, the creators of Battlerite, have half the employee count of SEMC and it was founded by a group of what were essentially fresh uni/college graduates. Battlerite is their third game, and they have 15-20 servers which you can switch between instantly. SEMC is a group of mostly industry veterans who have the backing of tons and tons of investors, yet they can’t have all 7 servers functioning.



When they’re beloved reddit is getting salty threads, no tweets, discord no activity… It’s no wonder people are believing the “dieing” rumours.


iirc they only allow it if you actually live in that region

I remember getting an option to switch to EU from NA while messing around with settings, or maybe it was when I was setting up my smurf… Maybe it was a kind of Mandala effect?

I feel like VG is in need of a major overhaul of everything. . . Easiest way to do that? sorry to say, but SEMC needs to get bought out by any other competent company.

i could go on and on about how they could improve this and that. But after years of no progress, it is safe to say they just don’t have the expertise or courage to actually do it. Just let someone else do it.

Installed another MOBA with option to choose server. I choose North America and LOW and behold, my ping is 20-30ms… OMG i almost DIED with shock looking at such low ping.

Let us choose server for GODS SAKE~! this isn’t the dark ages. Get with the times SEMC.

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Would save them money too as sea server will suffer from no players allowing them to shut it down

it’ll balance out, it won’t completely get deserted. players will naturally go where the lowest ping is… and server’s won’t get overloaded.

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I want blizzard or valve to buy thjs game…lels

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Can we just get sony to buy it and say screw vitural joysticks if you want a joystick play with a controller

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blizzard over valve. I also like Bethesda’s style of game development. The fallout series. So good.

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