[SEA] Order of the Vale (recruiting)

The Order of the Vale is a guild that actually predates Vainglory itself, having formed originally to play Fates Forever but with the death of that game we moved to Vainglory and are still going strong. Our main priority is to acknowledge our mistakes, be reflective, be open minded, to always cooperate with each other, have a good time, help others and ourselves improve and generally spam our group chat. We absolutely do not tolerate rudeness or immaturity. While we do aim for a high guild level, we do not require members to spend all their time grinding fame. Instead, it’s about fun and growing as players. To ensure this we follow the rules listed here: Decree of the Vale - http://padlet.com/OTVGuild/News

We have run a number of competitive teams Cor Vallis being our main one - which competed in Tesseract and the Trinity League in season 3 (coming 4th overall in Trinity and being 4th Seed in the 2nd Tesseract Qualifiers.

We also operate a 2nd guild which operates by the same rules but for people who want a well run guild but cannot play as much as those in the main guild and we encourage the members of both guilds to play together.

We operate a Line group to chat, share information, news and arrange games (Line is a requirement).

Anyone who’s interested in applying for the guild, please fill up this form. We will come back to you when there’s space as this creates a record for us to refer to. Do not PM me or members to join, you’ll just be referred back here.

18+ (anyone younger can apply, but is expected to be mature and civil)
No AFKing (within reason)
No Ping Spamming
No Raging
No Trolling (play with honour & dignity)
Active in playing with guild mates
Friendly and willing to work to improve the guild
Member of only this guild (No smurfs in other guilds)
Tier requirement is The Hotness

These terms are non-negotiable, do not applying you do not meet them, those that do will be ignored. Please read them carefully so you know what is expected of you when you join.

By applying, you’ve accepted all the terms we’ve set and we will not be held accountable for any time lost that could have been spent finding another guild. Once you’ve agreed to the terms above, you may apply, by using the application form.

Entry into OTV will be based on what we are looking for at that moment of time

  • No raging

  • No AFKing (without a good reason)

  • Treat your fellow guildmates with respect

  • No rude pings & trolling - play with honor & dignity

  • Be open to constructive criticism & learning

  • Be willing to give constructive feedback & advice

  • Play with guildmates when you can

  • Maintain communication with the guild if you cannot play for awhile

  • Do not add new members without the permission of guild leader

  • Be an active player