[SEA][Hex] New HexoDust 2.0 update! Join now! Everyone welcomed!

[SEA][Hex] New HexoDust 2.0 update! Join now! Everyone welcomed!

Hey Forumers! it’s me Chrizzz, the guild leader of a community guild : HexoDust, this guild focuses on building a strong community with no toxicity and discrimination whatsoever.

Here in HexoDust, all members played with each other, regardless of rank and skill, every member helped each other to get better at the game, working hand in hand to improve everyone’s game quality.

HexoDust is not a strict guild by any means but we do have some rules, these rules are :

  1. No Toxicity
    -As mentioned above, we strive to be a non toxic community guild where everyone can have a good time, any toxicity (Rude ping, flaming guildies, etc) will have heavy consequences.

  2. Have Discord
    -All of our members need to have discord, as it is our primary means of communicating, it also contains several thing that will be explained on the latter part of this thread

  3. Reasonably Active
    -We are not as strict as other guilds, that doesn’t mean we are completely lax, we have to ensure everyone plays within a certain amount of time (longer than most guild). If a situation arise where you can’t play for a longer period of time than the set time, there will be a system for that and it’ll be explained below.

If any of you are curious on what we have on the store, look below :), otherwise, skip it

HexoDust Feature List

Our Hexo-Lair are loaded with features, some of it are handmade by our own smart engineer, the features are intended to make the Lair Occupant feels more comfortable and to provide utility. Below are the current features :

[1] Varied Members Area
-We have many types of member area, there are room for vg discussion, non-vg discussion, and even for memes and jokes! the varying rooms enable discussion to be on topic.

[2] The Record : Check VG matches
-As most of you probably knows, there are some bots that used Vainglory’s API for discord servers, we have one room dedicated for all that to ensure its not cluttered with discussions.

[3] The Voting System
-Made for fun, members can choose from the choices given by reacting to it, while seemingly useless, it can be used to make a statistic of sort based on members’ preference, which will be useful on some occasion.

[4] Music Player
-Ever feel frustated you can’t hear music from youtube and open other app at the same time? Now you can now hear music from youtube while doing other things! this is a room specifically made to cater members who have that problem, or likes hearing music overall.

[5] General Guide for Newer Player
-Hexo-Lair exclusive, we have a section called : “The Heroes’ Tome” this section is filled with original guides for newer players, currently there are only build guides and utility item guide, but there are more to come in the future!

[6] Our Own Youtube Channel
-As we do inhouses, some will be recorded, and all of it will be posted on our own youtube channel! this will allow members to easily find all our videos. Oh and one more thing! it’s a public channel so everyone can see it, if you’re curious, here is the link

[7] LoA System
Leave of Absence or LoA for short, is a handmade system created by our engineer to accomodate people who can’t play for a long amount of time. With this system, members can apply for a LoA to let the staff know that you will be gone for quite some time. All of LoA appliant are recorded on a separate room, so don’t worry, we won’t forget!

The list above doesn’t contain all features in the discord server.

There will be more features coming, as we always update and add new things to the server!

If any of you are interested on joining, please fill the form below :

Favorite Hero for Each Role :

I’ll give an example by filling it with my data :

IGN : Chrizzz
Favorite Hero for Each Role :
Laner : Samuel (in 5v5)
Jungler : Krul and Samuel (in 3v3)
Captain : Phinn and Churnwalker

Oh and here below are the testimony given by our long time members, i promise its untouched / unedited :slight_smile:

“It has been a great ride at this guild. Most importantly, there is no toxicity even though we have some very high level players and some new players. Great guild if u want to be some place which is really active and at the same time learn the game as well”

-Xease, member

“a welcoming community where people regardless of race, gender, skill tier, experience is welcomed to join”

-Jconsoletel, staff

“A place to learn and get better, I managed to get out of T4 which was tough. The people here taught me in one way or another how to get better and now I understand the game mechanics way better”

-TeddyTales, member

That’s all folk! thanks for those who read all the way down! But also thanks whoever read this thread even if you’re not applying!



Ign: PopularCharles
Role:jungler, captain, carry
Favorite champ for each role:
Jungler: taka, glaive, Lorelei
Captain: ardan, flicker, churnwalker

Was hoping to find a nice and friendly guild, your discord server features sounds awesome, can’t wait to join the guild!
IGN : Jconsoletel

Role : Captain, Jungler, Carry(not so into carry)

Favorite Hero For Each Role :

-Captain : Ardan

-Jungler : Koshka

-Carry : Saw

Het Charles! Thanks for applying! be sure to check your message for the discord link

Hey Jcon! please check your Message for the discord link!

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IGN :TheConquester

Role :Carry,Jungle,Captain

Favorite Hero For Each Role :
Carry: Samuel
Jungle: Koshka,Taka,Reim,Rona,Grumpjaw
Captain: Adagio,Grace

P.S. (thanks for creating this,i’m sick and tired of seeing toxic,trolling and instalocking players everywhere in solo q)

Hello TheConquester, welcome to the guild! Please check your messages for the discord invite link. Cheers!:beers:
-On behalf of guild leader Chrizzz

Ign: dinesh2908
Role : captain ,jungler , carry
Captain :ardan , phinn , lorelai , grace , lance , lyra
Jungler:alpha, glaive , reza ,joule

Hi there dinesh2908! Jin here from HexoDust! Welcome to the guild!
I’ll send you our Discord invite link in awhile!

ign: Seramyst
Role: flex
champs: Ardan - Skaarf - Alpha

Hey! Ill be sending you a discord link and friend request, thanks for applying!,

IGN: WinstonGoey
Role: flex
Hero for each role:

Hey Winston, than you for applying, please check your mail for an invitation to the lair :wink:

Nice that more people are joining. This is really a very nice guild.

IGN : Matrixiz

Roles : Laner - Ringo
Jungle - Petal/Ozo
Captain - Ardan/ Fortress/ Catherine

Hey matrix! thanks for applying, ill be sending you a friend request and Discord invitation soon! please chexk your PM

IGN : KidR
Roles : Jungler : Taka, Koshka, Krul
Carry : Vox, Saw
Captain : Catherine

Hello KidR! thanks for applying, i’ll send you a discord link and friend request in a bit. Please check your PM
See you at the lair!

Ign: Chloee
Captian: Fortress and Arden
Jungle: Koshka
Lane: Skarf and Saw

Hello Chloe, thx for applying to join Hexodust. Please check your inbox/PM for the invite link, welcome!