SE Taka discount please?

Im asking to developers, will you make a discount for SE night shadow taka skin please? If u wont can SEMC make discount ?I really love that skin And I Watches a youtubers video and in that video snow monster Joule and night shadow taka where both 500 opal but it says 1000 opals in Game now

semc and the developers are one and the same. and for now, they wont discount the skin, they changed the opal prices of a few skins (taka was one of them) a few updates back and took out the yearly discount with it.
however, they might put the skin in a rng chest or do an opal discount sometime, but we wont know when this is going to happen.


Bp are popping up in quest chests more often

but se skin bp wont drop from normal chests.

Oh NOOOO :frowning: if theres no discount 450 more opals to go jesus thats a long way

be glad that its only opals. you get 100 guaranteed every 3 months by reaching level 50, plus opals from quest chests, plus opals from the free keys.
if it were a bp, you would have to wait forever to get it and every rng chest is a rip off.

You get essence every 3 months at lvl 50 now too

not a new thing.
the actual new addition to level 50 are the two epic keys.

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