Scout Trap Map (2.7.1 updated)

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Hi everyone, newbies and pros !

Here’s my Scout Traps map. It shows you the best spots to place your scout traps in, so you won’t have problems with visibility anymore.

You can use this thread to give YOUR best spots. We can discuss about it, and if they’re relevant, I’ll add them to the map. :slight_smile:

This map is for the team who’s spawn is on the left size of the Halcyon Fold. If your spawn is on the right ( but the wrong ! ) side of the Halcyon Fold, then just flip the traps’ positions honrizontally.


➫ BLUE (Vital traps): You NEED these scout traps! I’m not kidding: Vision is one of the keys to victory, so you MUST have visibility in your shop bush, your tribush, your lane bush and the Gold Miner / Kraken.
Use these scout traps in every game and place them as soon as possible.

➫ GREEN (Visibility traps): These are not vital but still extremely important. They’ll give good vision that can give you a big advantage during the game.
Focus on the ones giving visibility inside your territory (jungle and lane) and on the objectives before the ones in the enemy jungle.

➫ PINK (Situationnal traps): You won’t need all these scout traps at once ever, but you can use some in specific situations. Example:
If enemies keep stealing your bottom minions camp, place a mine next to it. It’ll give you visibility, and if you’re lucky, it can even steal the minions from the enemies.

➫ RED (Offensive traps) : These ones will give you some visibility, but the point is to either deal damages to enemies, reveal them for a few seconds and even discourage them to gank you.
Use them especially in early game to have the advantage during early teamfights, or to counter heroes such as Kestrel or Taka.

If this map helped you, please share it! Too many people seems to ignore how to use the scout traps properly, so, help them!
Also, please rate this post if you found it usefull, awesome or anything else! :smiley:

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