Saw's Fancy Mechanic

SAW has finally had something that will give him some uniqueness and complexity which is the timing of using his Ult (now a skillshot) during his Roadie Run. I never knew this myself or seen it before even though I play with this SAW instalock main all the time but it seems very interesting. Unfortunately, it’s gonna get removed next patch as a “bug fix.” This could have been one of the very few bugs that should actually be in the game.

Should SAW lose his new mechanic? IMO maybe he can lose the FB interaction with his Ult because now it’s a guaranteed shank onto something, but maybe that can just be his niche.

He hasn’t been a particularly good pick at any point recently besides the CP Gwen, CP Baron, and SAW meta but that was a weird time.

I don’t think it should be removed. Seems like something intended not a bug (even if it’s not).


He was top meta the patch before the rework so basically last patch.


What? Saw has not been top meta at any point in 2018-19

His CP is hella dope.

I forgot which hero but they had a bug and SEMC kept it but Idk why they would fix him that would give a skill advantage :clown_face:

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We need petal bug back , that time when you couldn’t basic attack her , heroes basic attack her minions instead of her hehehe .

I think you meant ringo t3 skin gun , glowing gun
Or maybe ozo when we couldn’t stun him in air

Reim they said his basic attack not generating fortified health was a bug , but if you play him right now he is in the bug situation , so they probably testing him while reworking him , they gave him strong fortified health from abilities and almost zero from basic attacking , so he is now more like a cc jungler not a 1v1 jungler , he needs to land all the abilities and buy high damage early for the fortified health .

So technically they made his bug part of him right now .

Yeah as SAWport forgot how BM decided to put him as Z tier mb.

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@coltonJW @SideRaiderr
Literally last patch he was meta mid, jungle and viable top. Also broken myth tier lists are intended for mid tiers mostly. They are trying to help people that need help. Not show high tier best picks.

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3.9 SAW was meta as jungler and top

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Wait this wasn’t intended? I thought it was a great direct to be able to chase after your enemies and land a skill shot that could finish them off.