Saw ULT got changed

So when did they make it so that you’d have to manually select your target for every shot of his ULT ?

i don’t know how to feel about this. :woozy_face:

on one hand you’ll no longer waste it on minions when it activates, but the trade off is an extra layer of targeting skills needed.

I kinda liked the challenge of NOT targeting minions when i hit my ULT, walking about feeling powerful, knowing the next target is :skull_and_crossbones::100:.

I couldn’t find any topic about this, is there one ? i would really like to read about it.

The rework to his ult happened a back in 3.10. I don’t think there was ever a specific thread about it, but there was some discussion on it in the 3.10 balance notes thread.


Keep practicing with it. I found that over time, I ended up liking it a LOT better. The damage is pretty impactful, adds another aoe element, and can scale with both CP and WP.


He lost his close battles burst, the execution and his CP path deals less damage than previously.

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Yeah what @VaKTaBi said: he’s not going to run into battles burst nuking people anymore, as wp or cp, but he can more reliably take down targets now without the dreaded ult downtime being a factor, not to mention you can lead enemies into ult shots now so overall less dps but more versatility and reliability.

Generally he’s more mobile now.