SAW too op or just me?

I’m tired of SAW always being feared and required to be killed with the entire team. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years so it’s not just me being a noob. Anybody feel the same way? He always gets a f ton of kills and nearly no deaths. His range is too big, and if he gets in trouble he could just use hit A and dash away. His B is meh and ULT is strong as ell. The thing that’s too op is his defense, health, range and damage. A high-ranged tank with high mobilty and damage seems too good to be true, but here we have SAW. I made a poll if you want to vote:

Are you being serious? Or is this sarcasm? :wutx3:


Tbh i don’t understand all the hate on saw people label him as a troll pick but he’s actually a sleeper with this sidelane meta he’s a hero that can snowball out of control and bot lane offers him all the tools to do so. He’s obviously not a hero that you can always pick in bot lane like vox but he can get first tower at 5 minutes and then a 6 minutes gowstwing and there is not much the enemy can do if you abuse bot lane macro play properly. He also basically forces the top laner/support/jungler to prioritize an atlas which is built solely to counter him delaying more crucial items like rooks, pullsweave and capacitor.


Hmm, seems as if it’s just me then, any strats on how to take down SAW then? Or characters that counter him? Because I’m not having any luck

You must be pulling facts out of your ass, as SAW isn’t the tank you make him out to be. His poor defence is only marginally better than Petal’s, and everyone here knows how piss-poor Petal’s defence is. Yes, he’s powerful, but he’s not overpowered. His perk makes him a sitting duck for any ganks, and even if he isn’t able to be ganked, there are heroes who can easily counter him, Catherine arguably being the best of them. If anything, Baron is more powerful than SAW, as he has much better cc with his A, his overdrived B is much more better at running away than SAW’s A, and his ult is basically a nuke.

SAW is good to me too but mages can rekt him and if the enemy team can peel the teamfights he can become really bad. SAW definitely isn’t as bad as people make him out to be and if people were more open to other ideas he’d probably be meta too.

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Saw always needs an extra treatment, that’s true. I always counter him by focusing him in the beginning of the fight with all teammmembers, but watch out that he has not stacks when engaging. Atlas is also effective but most saws will back out with their A.
The best thing you can do is build extreme burst on one of you teammmembers and to lock him down with stuns / Shield your teammates.
If you’re up against him in the lane you have to rely on ganking him very early or on poking him and forcing him to respawn often / miss farm. If he can’t farm early he never really finds his way into the game when focused later on correctly.
Hope that helps!

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SAW really isn’t OP. The only situation in which he might be oppressive is if you’re a melee without defense, in which case start with book and light armor. When he pushes the wave sit under turret and last hit. Imo SAW is a pretty poor lane bully because of this: strong lane bullies like Gwen and Kestrel are strong because they can freeze waves forcing you to come in for the last hit and take damage or miss out on cs. SAW can do this but since his primary objective is taking turret, more often than not he won’t. When he pushes up to turret he’s very overextended, any decent jungler or captain will come up for a gank, and you can kill him.

Or simply arrange a lane swap with your mid lane mage, if they understand your intentions that is. Mages hard counter SAW. Also if he’s oppressive as a melee get atlas first or second item or ensure your captain does.


There are plenty of heroes to choose from to take down SAW.


@Zuikis121 You can pick anything from the list, even the items

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Well thanks for the tips, will know how to counter him now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is this thread a serious post? Saws incredible easy to counter (I concede the point made that he can be incredibly annoying as bottom lane thanks to early game dominance), his mobility is a problem which only amplifies as the game proceeds, as is the fact his DMG output takes time to come on line (spun up saw? Walk away and make him come to you).

Give me a ringo or any mage and I’ll show you a dead saw, in fact I’d argue he is the easiest laner to counter in VG.

Its common for new players to complain about SAW. Welcome to Vainglory! :hugs:

Hehe, I’ve got a hang on him now, just needed to get used to him. Wasn’t very good the last time I’ve played (a year back)

If you want to really punish the saw , you can pick Lorelai roam and Celeste or skaarf , he can’t touch your turret and going to die a lot , this is super hard counter .

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Saw is trash in 5v5, just get your mage to rotate down to where saw is for an easy kill.
3v3 Saw is where its at though.

CP Saw is > WP Saw in 5v5

Skaarf can melt his ass off
GlaiB can afterburn right next to him and use atlas
Samuel will almost never miss a skill shot
Ringo can outdamage him in late even with full stacks
Koshka will totally nullyfy him
Bepis can either be unkillabe once he sticks to him or just spam potions
Kaka can x Retsu kaiten pretty easily
Cp alpha will explode in his face, killing him.
Wp alpha will explode in his face, killing him.
Grumps will ult and take him under his turret with no effort at all

I could go on with all the heroes that can easily take him out but let’s just say that you should get to a higher rank so you realize that almost no one plays saw because how basic his kit is

Some of your examples are good, e.g. Skaarf and Samuel, but others not so much. Some better options would be Celeste (probably the best counter to saw), Idris, Cp baron, lorelai, vox cp, cp bf, kestrel. Rona is also good but not in this meta.
Glaive is decent against noobs, but his A is very predictable and easy to block. Same with GJ and Koshka. Not only this but they are ranged so if they get blocked they will die standing in the middle of a Saw with full stacks. Alpha takes a long time to detonate, a shank will eliminate the distance easily and get a free kill. Taka doesn’t have enough burst to kill him with one C>A so he will die soon after the combo. SH will also prevent Saw from dying. Baptiste won’t kill him either, range is too small to poke saw, Saw has higher damage so will win the trade. Ringo cp can beat saw, but wp cannot. He can’t out damage saw in any way if you both build the same items (usually saw builds more crit so saw would have even more damage).