SAW does NOT need to be babySat

This is old thinking. Why does every player still think that? it’s so easy to sustain without any help.

that is all.

Because he is too easy to gank.


Any mage (kestrel, Samuel, celeste) can outrange him and specifically Samuel who can push Saw our of his own lane due to his DD empowered A that has a way longer range and splash damage. He’s also really easy to gank - one mage + jungler can quickly take him down.

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He really isn’t. I find his knife to be one of the most reliable escapes. Besides if it’s only one melee ganking I’ll just sit there and fight and win. Players need at least three players to gank me when I’m SAW lol. Unless one of them is a mage and then yes it’ll be easier for them to kill me.

SAW can handle 1v1/2/3 either by winning or running away. Thats till like 15 mins. After that, Its allabout teamfights and then if there is a saw in a team, the opponent team deletes him cos he cant escape from all 5 people and the roam cant save him from 5 opponents. And thanks to ps and spf, his sustain becomes useless come late game. Like what can you do when theres a grace on you stunning +celeste stun/ skaarf flaming goop + phinn stun + vox/ringo/gwen doing their high wp damage + fort/koshka doing huge cp damage + like 2/3 atlas? Cant even leave your team and splitpush cos they’ll always be in a 4v5 situation and lose all teamfights. This is what makes SAW at high tier useless. I easily snowballed with saw from t6-t9 though. Just get a RB and you can 1v2/3/4 easily if youre snowballing cos people just melt.

low skill floor high skill cap. The recipe to SAW is picking him last pick and going top. Your A is a reliable escape and you basically clear lane fast and enemy jungler and enemy bot laner are gonna be busy. Jungler will leave and you steamroll through bot laner, take first turret, and begin building Pulseweave and Rooks. Now that you have done this hopefully you are able to exchange all your items for a heavy prism and components to Clockwork. Start roaming and help your team take turret with you. Only weakness is Glaive everything else is ez. And glaive isn’t a problem once you get RB. SAW is honestly oppressive. After I’m done working out kinks with Lorelai and seeing how good my Ozo build is I will go to SAW.


Problem with SAW is few people play him right. That simple. The SAW PUSH mentality only goes so far.

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Im the type of SAW that deletes 2 turrets in bot lane while my team fights on top lane. And when all of them come for me I port either home or to the other side of the map and take the turret there. This is the biggest troll strat you can do.

I strangely find top lane easier than bot lane with SAW. I take out top at around 7 minutes, alone Vs 2 other players. then move to take out mid and bot. it takes 3 players to take me down when i’m top lane, and i get triggered if my team doesn’t take out bottom when 3 players are on me.

What rank are you? Cos thats the first time i m hearing this lmao.

lol. figure it out smarty. top lane saw is so easy. you should be able to look me up.

Well he kinda does IMO. Smart teams know how bad it will be if he snowballs. Yes he has a reliable escape, but he’s squishy and needs to farm to be actually useful. He can’t just keep escaping all the time. Once that enemy mage rotates or even swaps lane, SAW will get pressured hard- which is ironic since he’s supposed to be the one pressuring the enemy laner.

tbh he is the perfect top laner when ppl use their brains when playing him. He has wave clear, he is the only hero to be able to aggro healing treant to turret (besides maybe adagio but he doesn’t have the best jungle clear), he deals massive damage when fully spun up, needs two people to deal with him, has really reliable escape, when fed can just go to enemy jungle and 1v3 with a reflex block. He has potential but nobody plays him right and bot laners literally never push so you need to have coordination with them. SAW should just be a distraction and I think I’m gonna play some more CP SAW top this patch considering that spawn timers have been unified.

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