Sase and Seox

Name: Sase. Pronounced Say-ss. Simple stuff.
Lore: VG doesn’t do lore anymore, sorry.
Appearance: Small, humanoid figure who is mostly obscured by a large cloak. Animalistic ears poke out from the top of the cloak which are sharp and a dirty red. One hand (Right) is human-like while the other limbs which are occasionally visible are animalistic, with the same dirty red colour as the ears. Behind Sase is an elegant looking puppet. Human sized. Dirty and partially broken. Clothing is tattered and frayed. Otherwise looks like a maid/butler (IDK, whichever is easier for you to imagine.). Sase calls it Seox.

Passive: After not being damaged (by heroes) for 20-18-16-14-12-10 (Levels 1-3-5-7-9-11) seconds, Sase generates a barrier based on its WP, CP and bonus health. When this barrier is available, Sase is granted 10-50 Armour + Shield, 20% increased attackspeed (Unique modifier) and has all damage dealt increased by 15%. When this barrier is unavailable, lose 10-50 Armour + Shield, 0.5 movement speed and has all damage dealt reduced by 15%.

A: Sase grabs onto Seox and Seox lurches forward, striking the first enemy in its path. This ability deals WP and CP damage and applies a mortal wound. This also marks the target. If this ability is reactivated within 6 seconds, Seox will dash through the target and behind them and then will deal WP and CP AOE damage around the target.

B: Seox re-enforces, gaining a fading 100% damage reduction (100-50% in 1 second). At the end of this duration, this ability can be recast for 6 seconds. If recast, Sase let’s out a blood curdling screech that fears nearby enemies for 0.5 seconds and deals CP damage.

C: Seox unravels for a split second, revealing the monsterous form within. It grabs an enemy hero and attempts to consume them. If within the execute threshold, deal 9999 true damage to them and refresh the barrier. Hitting enemies with abilities reduces this abilities cooldown. If this ability fails to execute, the cooldown is set to 10.

Execute Guesstimation: 10% base, SB SSw BS (300ish weapon) = 30% execute threshold.

I dont like giving heroes more MW, there is already too much of them, ut whatever…

So… like an AoE Anka?

So an OP version of BF?

Honestly, i cant discover his role: the abilities of an assassin but with damage reductions and tankiness of a warrior. This is just broken. His ult is just broken in every sense.


Might as well say “Insta-Kill” instead pf 9999 true damage.

Ill take this concept to be a satirical way of creating a VG hero


Then you are lacking way too much cc.

Shiet. Guess I’ll triple the fear duration.


It’s a joke about how overloaded a low CC melee bruiser has to be to be viable this patch. Mainly because they shat all over every melee damage dealer and have been for the last several billion years.

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