Salty mcsalt rant

Stupid lpq game froze on loading for a match for 2 minutes during a couple blitz matches i exit out try to load the game back out and i get put on lpq of 8 minutes add the average 3 minutes for a game for me and that is 11 minutes for 4 dam games totalling of 44 minutes to get to play i could have played 2 3vs3 and nearly a blitz by than 8 minutes to wait to get into a q is extreme and will only cause people to miss them getting a match


Lpq is a joke, ever since they replaced bans with it I honestly had a slight increase in my tendency to tilt.


I seriously can’t bother for getting out lpq i mainly play brawl modes the q time is more than a game what is the point
Edit even worse got dump out of q after lpq finished

im curious what device you’re using? and what ping are you getting?

Galaxy S7 that was factory reset last week all non system apps are turned to always sleeping battery 3 months old ping at 95-127 usually and internet on average is 75mbs

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i would’ve thought your ping would be lower… being on the east coast?

Great lakes area not quite east coast not quite midwest

And here I thought americans would have decent connections… Anything above 50 is mediocre for me lmao…

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So after this post and a complaint to send lpq is gone after one match and 5 thumbs up from that match

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50-60 for me is considered god internet

I deem it good enough for ranked when it stays stable at 70-100


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