SaltMaster Sairin’s WP Idris Guide (AKA Why You Should Play Him)

Idris is a VERY powerful, mechanical hero in this game that’s got an incredibly well made kit, focused on generating a large amount of single target damage, while also churning out a VERY respectable AoE game.

I’m ZionSairin, in-game self proclaimed master of salt, “I’m-low-tier-but-deserve-tier-10” god, teamslayer and dreamslayer, and boosted trashlord. Note, only one of those is true. Take all the information in this guide with a grain of salt.

Now, I’ve seen people complain about the loss of Hybrid Idris, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. There are plenty of topics on that, and I’m sure they provide far better insights into a cheesy build.

I just want to emphasize, Idris is an ASSASSIN. Let us take note of that once more, just to make sure you understand. Spell it with me. A S S A S S I N. You are not your team’s front line, you are not their back line. You are behind enemy lines making their back line regret their career choices. If I see you playing CP Idris and cowering behind your ranged ninja stars I’m going to leave a box of slightly stale donuts on your doorstep. Because that’s what your playstyle is like. It’s alright, but it falls short of being truly wonderful.

Now, hybrid builds are great and all, but they do not have the PUNCH you want, and once 3.3 drops you lose the power of Shiv+Weapon Infusion to give you your second passive piece. Thanks, Niv, I know ya nerfed the WP infusion for that reason. (Can we get some WP Taka assassin style buffs now?)

Personally I don’t enjoy CP Idris because I feel he lacks the kind of high mobility teamkilling potential I love the hero for.

And why is that? Let’s look at Idris’ weapon perk.

WP Passive

At 100 WP (120 as of patch 3.3) Idris gains:
An instant blink on his primary dash. This is HUGE, as the blink gives you massive outplay potential. A lot of small area targeting abilities (kind of similar to Ardan’s Gauntlet) become completely irrelevant as long as your dash is up, and the next part of your WP passive ensures it will be.
Getting the Resets
Idris’ melee basic attacks reduce the cooldown on his A and Ult by 1s. This is HUGE, as it allows you to always have your mobility spells up. You can dance circles around your opponent, and each use of your overdriven A gives you a 50% damage amp. The barrier is really only there during an initiation, but has a cool 75% WP scaling.
Oh, and your melee basic attacks return 10 stamina. Cool. (This is actually important, your abilities are expensive.)

It’s a powerful passive that really encourages your WP mobile assassin playstyle. Take notes, Taka.

Position and Early Game Items

Okay, so I know many of you will give up on me here (acting like you didn’t give up on me when I talked down on CP Idris) but I recommend playing WP Idris in a lane (or as THE laner if you’re playing 3v3) and starting off with a book and whatever second item you prefer. Personally I like starting book and an oakheart for the defense to keep me alive through the first few levels. However, weapon blades will increase your A ability’s barrier. If you farm well enough, it won’t matter what you start with. As Idris, CP or WP, your early game farm is VITAL. If you fall too far behind early you won’t reach your power spike soon enough to snowball and you will be left in the dust.


Now, early game on 3.2 I like to go for a Spellsword because it gave me 100 WP (enough to get my passive), decent CDR, and a bit of stamina regen/max stamina. In 3.3 you will need an additional 20 WP to get your passive, but that is where you can purchase a Six Sins (30 WP, 650g) or a weapon blade and barbed needle. Idris does not rely heavily on attack speed until mid and late game, and as such you can buy massive amounts of damage early to grab some kills. At higher ranks the enemy may rush tier 2 armor; a simple Spear purchase (possibly upgrading into Tension Bow for the HUGE burst) will shut that down.

But how do I get so much gold early game, Zion?!?! That’s difficult and unrealistic!

Surviving the early game as Idris is not easy, you are correct, but you have a rather powerful kit at your disposal. If you need to, put a point or two into your B skill and harass with it while you proc your Book passive on minions. You are nowhere near as weak to ranged as older melee laners like Joule or Glaive, you have a barrier (you need to learn to use it), and you have a decent range poke ability with respect-demanding base damage. Focus on those last hits, however, as your Book will keep you healed while your B whittles away at your opponent’s health bar (and sanity).

Late game is difficult with the build I mentioned, as you will be lacking damage to participate in sustained fights and many enemies will build defense to shut down your burst. However, fret not. If you are in a decent gold lead, you should sell your weaker items (I built a shiv and tension bow early to mid game, but late game sold them for Bonesaw and Breaking Point.) The enemy team will likely have an Atlas built but even late game your reliance on attack speed is more for your A and Ult resets than your damage output. This doesn’t mean I you won’t die; quite to the contrary. I have made a gametime decision to change my items out when we lost a few teamfights. But once I had a Breaking Point and Bonesaw, that all changed with two things. Chakram Bouncing, and Resets.

Chakram Bouncing

Chakram Bouncing is what I call Idris’ often underrated ability to dash before his Chakram returns to him, causing it to move through him and continue to stay active. This makes a HUGE difference to your damage output in teamfights and if you play your cards right you can keep the thing moving almost infinitely. And your B ability DOES scale with your WP, though not as strongly as it does with CP, and it does WP damage when you build WP meaning you can proc Breaking Point stacks with it!


A teamfight situation with WP Idris is deceptively simple. Your main target is the strongest carry threat on the enemy side. You must stop at NOTHING to get in their face and whack them upside the head with your Lightsaber of Uglification +5, and eventually make them disappear out of utter shame. In layman’s terms, beat ‘em until they stop moving.

But while you do so, make sure you are using your A whenever it’s up, unless there is a vital enemy ability you need to dodge. The damage amp (50%) will help you deal your burst. Throw your Chakram, dash, and just before it returns, ult your target if you can. The Chakram should voice again. That’s two bounces at least (three or four if you get off enough autoattacks before it returns. Sometimes you can dash twice or more after the Chakram throw. This is dependent on attack speed.) Now, hold your ult’s second use as long as possible and dash through the Chakram with it again. That’s a third bounce, and by now your A should be up. Rinse and repeat. By dodging the enemy Atlas and properly stutter stepping I was able to bounce a single Chakram throw at least 6 times past the initial bounce, in a single teamfight. This hit two enemies at minimum, meaning I was dealing heavy damage to the entire enemy team. This led to us winning the teamfight with only one death on our side, and the enemy team ended up surrendering as they all had nearly 50 second death timers and one turret remaining.

Chakram Bouncing and Resets are a HUGE part of WP Idris’ late game kit, and if you use them properly you can nigh-on-infinitely bounce a single use of your B back and forth, stacking Breaking Point and annihilating the enemy team.

Recent game

I played a WP Idris game last night (3v3) against a team with Ardan, Alpha, and Gwen and I could just dodge their major abilities (Gwen’s ult, Ardan’s ult, and Alpha’s A) by dashing through it with decent timing. This allowed me to close gaps as well as burning important enemy skills.

In this game, I got first blood and a second kill very early, then first time backed with almost 3.5k gold. I then bought a Spellsword, upgraded my oakheart to Reflex Block, got tier 1 boots, and made that poor Gwen cry as I bullied her with my early passive. Even Ardan camping and going full aggression couldn’t help her win (this is mid Tier 6 MMR, for the record. I’m not going to speak for high rank play, nor do I wish to.)

Hey, guys, I really do appreciate your time if you’ve gotten all the way to the end of the guide. I spent time writing this and researching some of the interactions his kit has, as well as methods to increase his teamfight damage. WP Idris may just be one of the easiest heroes in Vainglory to pick up and play, but how you use and manipulate your B skill is the true indication of skill. For all two of you out there playing WP over CP, keep doing you. Well, that’s all I’ve got. Get yer rear out there on the Fold or Rise, kill some noobs, and stay salty, Team Sairin!

Disclaimer: I don’t actually have a fan base named Team Sairin. I don’t have fans actually. And I wouldn’t want Team Siren’s trademark owners to sue me. Wait, are they even around anymore? That all-girl League esports team? Meh, whatever. Irrelevant. Thanks for putting up with my rambling mid tier trash opinions and terrible sense of humor, guys!


A nice thing to do with a wp Idris is to add sg as the last item. Now I know you don’t like cp Idris playstyle but if used as an assassin a ranged ba is a key in any real assassin’s toolbox and chakram bouncing can be extremely effective(especially with the lack of sustain) when you can keep damage going(I know in lower tiers especially since people get one sightedness on chasing those that damage them)

You have 1 win with Idris in ranked 3v3 and no games in 5v5 ranked with him…

So low tiered is true and the rest is a joke…

You recommend Aftershock on Idris? Sorry stopped reading there since the man has great CP ratios and his B isn’t a basic

While I agree WP Idris is a potential counter to the terminal disease-inducing meta that is the mage meta, I think he would probably struggle into over half of the hero pool. There are tons of options to counter said meta, yet WP Idris would probably be ranked as one of the lowest in terms of effectiveness. The enemy can pick up a Glaive or a Catherine to try and stave your advance into the enemy backline and chances are they will succeed.

And no, Aftershock on Idris is silly, even getting SF first gives you a higher burst on CP Idris.


賛成です! (I Agree!)

I’m not going to speak about the actual guide (other than that) since people have already given their opinion on that and they’re going to after my comment too. I just want to give you some feedback on your formatting. Mainly because that’s the best sort of feedback.

  1. Please. PLEASE. PUT IN SUBTITLES. What you’ve put infront of us is a 15 Paragraph Guide with no subtitles, which is easy to get lost in, especially when some of your paragraphs are so long.
  2. Cut down on your word count. I can’t really say this, since I have a problem with this too, but if it’s unnecessary, cut it. Sections like
  1. stand out as completely unnecessary or much too long. Why are you talking about CP Idris in your WP Idris guide, and why are you using 3-4 lines just to explain that you won the teamfight AND the game.

  2. Please don’t use your game as part of the guide. If you want to state that it is an example and keep it separate from the ‘teaching parts’ that’s fine, just put it on a separate paragraph. However, there are people who are here only for the information that you bring, not your examples, and when your examples are integrated into the lessons or blend into them, you’ve created a bunch of fluff that these types of people have to wade through.


So I’m giving you an A for effort and style but a 3 for content… either way you’ve got a like.

Any decent Gwen with an Ardan is going to own your soul in the lane in 3v3. You want to farm? No bro, your not getting that last hit without me offloading my passive into your odd shaped little head repeatedly. Give me a CP mage and I’m going to poke you to death, it won’t be a slow death either it’ll be quick as I starve you of farm whilst chunking down your health. In short you need to build a PS early to have a chance of sharing the lane with me, SS ain’t doing anything… you won’t be alive long enough.

CP idris however is a bloody annoyance, he quickly becomes god like when he unlocks that passive and his ability to stack DMG quickly via DE/AC and the DMG from his B is… well annoying!

I just was pointing out the synergy, not so much recommending the item. However, AS is very overtuned still and could be quite useful depending on the enemy comp.

To be fair I had a rather excellent Churn sitting with me early game and helping me punish them when they got aggressive. The enemy Gwen wasn’t really amazing either, it took 20 minutes for them to realize they needed armor.

The plot thickens… it’s a nice guide with some chuckle moments but there’s no way a WP idris is gettting the better of the current lane meta, not without a “god” player behind him.

I mean every time you come for a last hit I’m going to take a chunk out of you, either that or I’ll stall the lane on my side of the map and prevent you farming.


I mean Gwen is strong at laning phase but Gwen and Idris shouldn’t be in the same lane if it’s not 3v3.

Also, I’m taking advice and editing this guide currently, I posted it rather late last night directly after playing the game.

And as for winning that lane, I was entirely on point that game. I had times where I was winning 2v1s against Alpha and Ardan (Gwen was already dead, I deleted her the moment those pre-20 minute fights started.)

Also, I’ve been trying to see if Spellsword’s energy regain passive does anything for Idris’ stamina but the results so far have been inconclusive.

In 5v5 he might work in bottom lane, but there really are better choices… and in 3v3 I’m taking virtually any tier 1/2 laner and beating him till he is blue. His lack of range makes him easy to bully, especially if as OP suggests ou don’t build SM or PS.

I’d expect you to do well vs alpha, he is weak vs mobile hero’s which is why Skye, Vox etc are incredible strong into him, that and the fact you can stack BP/DE fast assuming you’ve built att speed.

As for the match in question you’ve got to query Gwens build, a TB first item and you’re toast. Why she has a SS is beyond me, she relies on her passive for DMG not her A so your giving up so much DMG by not building SB&TB!

Anyways it’s a nice post man, had some funny moments, I’m just not convinced WP idris is viable at the moment.

I was talking about 5v5. He isn’t the best laner but he has his place in meta even if he is unpopular.

A lot of the mechanical info still applies however. I don’t frequently play ranked matches, as I’m easily frustrated. Aftershock was NOT a recommendation so much as an interesting tidbit that I noticed (you will chunk almost 50% of an enemy’s health in one hit if you have your CP passive and Aftershock)

I do however see you concerns. I don’t play Idris in ranked often because I don’t actually get the opportunity to lane or jungle anymore. I still know the hero and how to play him, my chances to do so have just been limited as of late. I was also playing casual 5v5 with higher tier guild mates in my old guild, our MMR put us up against tiers 8-9 frequently. Hardest matches I’ve played by the way, as an aside.

Oh, and just for the sake of anyone who hasn’t bothered to search my name (Wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t)

I did end up taking your advice and refining the initial post a bit now that I’m not half asleep


I like your guide but this is how I play WP Idris:

First you start off with a book and weapon blade you go into bot lane (I’ve had success in top lane too since squishes usually play there but a good rona can always ruin you). Once your at bot lane you play as aggressively as you can so then you and your jungler can rotate to the enemy healing treant and then rotate to jungle so you get some of that good XP. Oh yeah and this applies to all laners don’t worry about your lane early game let the minions get to your turret as long as your doing something productive (unless if your against a SAW who manages to take the turret down to half health).

Alright now your LV 3 your plan for upgrading your abilities should be to LV up your chakram to 4 and then start maxing out your A be sure to put points into your ult the entire time. You max your chakram to 4 bc it has really good poke but at the same time you don’t want to be poking with Idris you want to go in and kill. Play very safely if you see the jungler coming go back to turret or go inside your jungle while they are rotating. If you did this properly you end up with around 3100 G when jungle shop spawns. You want to preferably push lane super hard and poke enemy laner with chakram which should be upgraded to LV 3. After pushing if you feel unsafe going to the jungle shop just back, if you feel fine just go and shop. You shopped. Hopefully purchased two Heavy Blades (1150+850), Weapon Blade (300), Swift Shooter (300 G) and BOOTS (300 G). Thats your laning phase because you go with you A throw in your chakram when it hits them twice (oh yeah be sure to be basic attacking while that happens) and when its just about to come back to you Ult on them and come off the other side to make the chakram come and you’ll be able to A again. This combo kills them and the good thing is that you won’t have to do something this difficult ever again :slight_smile:

You destroy turret take some minions this should be enough for the t2 items that make up poison shiv and T1 shield item. Now you’re basically at your strongest point. You can do two things 1) roam around the map getting kills and taking down turrets 2) maintain pressure in your lane. Both things alleviate pressure from the map because they’ll be going to try to stop you. 1) is obviously hard to pull off due to the SoloQ environment, you don’t know if you’re teammates are gonna lose lane or not. That’s what WP Idris does in the entire game in a nutshell.

Now onto his team fighting capabilities. Alright, so the moment a fight breaks out you want to be hiding in a bush that is near all of the carries or near all the enemies in general. The moment your captain goes in use your A to smack the enemy carry or jungler just not the captain. Jump onto them immediately, because they will try to back off and in return come together with everyone else. You jump off and gain 15 BP STACCS INSTANTLY (exaggeration was enforced here, you just gain a lot of BP stacks lol) you can delete the carries now and the jungler, you’ve practically ascended past humanity, and now you can one shot the enemy captain OR the enemy catherine one shots you (HAHAHA yeah…).

AS you can see I’m not very good at making guides but when I’m playing him I basically teach my enemies how to play him. He’s fun and very underrated. People keep saying that you need to keep your chakram in the air but your burst doesn’t come from that, it comes from the soul, I mean AAs.

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Try doing the maths with all items and you’ll find you’ll get better burst with others than AS.

PS: 3v3 meta is broken so testing a hero in 3v3 doesn’t mean it’s viable in 5v5, which is what people are mostly orienting towards right now.

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Skye and vox good into idris? Idris gets bullied in the laning phase but he handles both of them very easily once he gets his perk up