Salt mine Pls

Can we get a salt mine I probably can fill it by myself. :smile:

oooh, definitely. those were some of my favorite threads to read for a laugh. :grin:

I don’t disagree with that statement. :laughing:

There is one, btw …

I feel like a salt mine may bring unwanted toxic players here though.

This does make sense however that’s what the salt mine is for, the rest of the site should remain heavily moderated and displinary actions should be apparent to keep the site where we want it to be.

I feel like the salt mine should be a group just like off-topic is. That way forumers have the choice to either show or hide salt mine threads.

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This is actually a good idea, we should be given a choice to see salty threads.

You sure could :wink:

So there is one - its under the Vainglory category - can people confirm for me they can see it - I know I did something funky with the permissions in there so people don’t just join and moan.

Correction - I have hidden this too well. I now need to unhide it…

Okay it is unhidden now - I was using a feature which suppressed it from the home page - and unfortunately that was extremely effective. So effective even I couldn’t see it. I had to find it again by searching for “Salt Mine”

Impressively @PinkiePie had already proved their mastery by having found the Category despite its deep suppression.

I still need to give it a good description and add some rules for it - not sure on a good solution for making it opt in/out - I think requiring salty people to sign up for a special group before they can post is just going to end up with lots of salt in this forum - perhaps this is a good chance to teach people how to hide categories for themselves if I give a decent explanation of doing that.

actually i found it by clicking on the “all” tab at the top in the vainglory discussion menu. thought about making the first post, but i am just not salty enough atm.

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