RWBY x VG: Weiss Schnee (Finished)

Alrighty. Next up from Team RWBY is Weiss. Weiss is a melee hero who carries a rapier named the Myrtenaster. (Also, again, if you haven’t watch RWBY, you definitely should go do that :wink:, these heros would make a whole lot more sense. (also sorry if theres some lack of creativity, Weiss is a little harder than i thought she would be)
(And now that i hit post by accident, this will be going up at so much at a time. i will put (FINISHED) in the title when its done.)

I suppose Weiss could be a Captain/Roam with her abilities. But she could also be a CP carry
Perk: “Ice Queen”
With every basic attack, Weiss stacks her perk (max of 4). After the 4th hit, the next hit slows the next target by 30%. Her perk also stacks with items.

A ability: “You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time!”
Weiss summons a glyph which propels her forward in a target direction. If Weiss comes into contact with any hero or jungle monster, a small “explosion” (for lack of better words) happens dealing bonus crystal damage. If overdrived this ability also slows enemies.
Cooldown: 15/12/10/7/5
Energy Cost: 40/50/55/60/65
Damage by CP%:15%/25%/35%/50%/65%
Slow Strength:45%
Slow Duration: 2s

B ability: “She’s a hazard to my health!”
Weiss summons a glyph in target location that slows enemies caught within it. (size is similar to Lorelai’s B) If overdrived, It also roots enemies as it disappears.
Energy: 35/50/65/75/90
Slow: 15%/25%/25%/30%/45%
Duration: 3s/5s/7s/9s/10s
Root Duration: 2s

ULT: “By no means does this make us friends”
Weiss summons a glyph under all ally heros giving them a speed boost and damage boost. If her ULt is overdrived, all glyphs also slows enemies caught within their range around ally heros.
Cooldown: 90s/75s/50s
Energy Cost: 65/75/90
Speed Boost: 1.2/1.6/2
Damage Boost: 25%/45%/60%
Slow: 35%

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Just gonna add a link to the “White” trailer so that people who don’t know RWBY can see Weiss in action:

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Okay, I’m getting interested in figuring out her kit. I like the idea of her as a support. I’d suggest combining her B and C abilities as you’ve described them, since they’re fairly similar in concept:

B creates glyphs beneath nearby allies which provide a slow to enemies and a speed boost to allies. Maybe a damage boost to allies as well, since that would reflect how she fights in the series, using her glyphs to amplify her team members’ own abilities:

I’d suggest changing her ult to reflect her most difficult skill, which is truly unique to the Schnees: the ability to summon the avatar of a defeated opponent to fight for them:
So activating her ult would summon an Arma Gigas to fight along side her for a few seconds.

In case it's not obvious ...

I really love RWBY

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I had actually thought of the summoning of a unit but when i went to make her ult i completely forgot :sweat_smile: i may or may not change it. I like what i have right now.

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