Rwby vol 8 [ SPOILERS ]

So volume 8 has already started with the first ep up for first members as always, I’m sort of surprised talk of rwby disappeared here. I remember that rwby comes out around the end of each year and was surprised to find out a trailer for vol 8 was released in October(linked below). Stuff is getting intense with Salem, and Penny I had forgotten what had happened to her in the last volume. Oh I’m excited to watch the first episode when it’s available to all.

Page of Rwby Volume 8

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Someone hold me I cannot do this anymore

have you watched the latest free episode?

Tbh, I was pretty disappointed with Volume 7, so it wasn’t until last week that I finally watched the first two chapters of Volume 8. So far, I’m encouraged: it seems like the writers may have recovered their footing after the narrative mess that was Volume 7.

Vol 8 is looking pretty good at the start so far, the conflicts rwby and others face is interesting but also ironwood and those around him and how they react/accept it is rather scary. I knew ironwood was questionable in various areas but wow the way he’s going through this volume so far, wonder if this is how he goes. And penny, oh no she breaks my heart I hope she pull through the darkness that weighs on her mind, and qrow too.

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Yah, I agree with all of that! The first few chapters have been heartbreaking in that there is so much discord among the teams – Ruby/Yang, Nora/Ren are the most obvious, but also Blake/Yang: Blake’s loyalty to Ruby is absolute, and she never considered leaving her side, even when Yang went her own way. What does that mean for the two of them??

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Omg yea I didn’t even think about how Blake going with Ruby would effect Blake and yangs relationship, thinking about that now there will most likely be some discussion/fight between those 2 later about that. Oh so much turmoil so far between many people, even those with Salem. Neo partnered with cinder and mercury/emerald seeing cinder again finally, that snap from cinder.
This is gonna be one hell of a volume.

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I think Neo now sees that she’s nothing but a tool to Cinder; I wonder how that’s going to work out. Emerald still doesn’t seem to understand that Cinder cares for nothing except power, but Neo definitely noted that interaction between Cinder and Emerald.

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Neo is smart and perceptive, wonder if she will continue on Salems side cuz of using/being used by cinder or leave to get revenge on her own

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For those who want to catch up:

Chapter 1 - Divide

Chapter 2 - Refuge

Chapter 3 - Strings

Chapter 4 - Fault

Chapter 5 - Amity

So it seems that Rooster Teeth has broken embedding in order to drive traffic to their site :unamused:

Considering that they’re now owned by Warner, it’s not much of a surprise. (Also not surprising: that many of the original staff have left.)

Oh did not know rooster teeth is now owned by Warner, quite a bit has happened at rooster teeth this year.

It actually happened in 2018:

However, you didn’t really start to see the effects of the new ownership until last year, imo.

Oh ok, did not know it’s been that long under them. I don’t know much happening specifically but I’ve just known some drama popping up about their bad app and rather bad things coming out about some employee, I imagine there’s more to be known with more people leaving rooster teeth

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Fortunately, it seems that RWBY has been unaffected by all that. This season has been so much better than Vol 7 – mainly because it’s mostly been written by Miles. He has a better feel for the characters, I think, and of course the story has always been his and Kerry’s (and of course, Monty’s). I still feel like the show got a little (or more than a little) off-track last season. Good to see them back on the path this season.

Now, how about my bees?!

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Yea this season is doing great(despite me not having seen past ep 2 lol, those 2 are great tho and already so much more exciting and thrilling then some episodes last season), it’s good to see it’s unaffected by various rooster teeth stuff. I always forget Kerry works on rwby.

Now back to the show, yes I haven’t watched past episode 2 but it’s cause after that whole group split and Grimm surprise, I want to wait for more episodes to watch and binge cause oh my the build up is getting good. Oh to know more stuff has happened with bees, oh my I can’t wait to watch it all, bees, renora, Penny in action as per thumbnail shows. The excitement for it all is so great.

also can’t stop at how I unintentionally made a pun lol

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