RWBY News From RTX

It’s Day 1 of RTX, and the RWBY panel is still underway, but there’s a lot of news to share!

Biggest news first! Volume 7 starts in November! And just look at the new outfits! And Blake’s new haircut!!! :heart_eyes:

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The World of RWBY: The Official Companion containing more lore and behind-the-scenes info from the series will be released October 8th!

Good Smile Co. is bringing out new RWBY figures later this year!

A second RWBY novel is in the works from RT and Scholastic!

Coming soon from DC Comics!

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Another look at the girls’ new outfits!

Einlee has outdone herself again!


New additions to the writing team for Volume 7!

More details on the RWBY (and gen:LOCK!) comics coming from DC!

I like how it has both a manga and a comic now. Adds more confusion in the whole debate over whether or not it’s an anime.

I think the “debate” is kind of pointless, tbh. No one at RT cares whether anyone calls the series anime or not. It’s not like it would change anything they’re doing, after all. :wink:


Casey & Jeff Williams couldn’t make it to RTX this year, so Nonsuch had Lindsay, Kara, Arryn, and Barb fill in …

Fun Fact

The characters in the audience are those played by VAs who are attending RTX this year!

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