RWBY in other media

I bought the BBTAG expansion the other day (partly due to Neo) and the game certainly has more RWBY representation now. Neo is a pretty cool character to play and some of the details in her sprites (such as her donning Torchwick’s hat during on of her supers and her changing to her vol. 6 outfit on one of win animations) as well as the interactions other characters have with her are neat. Besides Neo, they also added quite a few RWBY songs to the mix such as Shine because why not plus some new, RWBY referencing color schemes for characters and that’s pretty cool as well.

I admit to knowing literally nothing about BlazBlue, but of course, I’m interested because RWBY is in it. What is the game about, exactly?

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It’s a pretty standard 2v2 fighting game, with the roster being a really huge and completely unexpected crossover of multiple niche franchises, originally Blazblue, Persona 4, Under Night In Birth, and ofc, RWBY, but it’s expanded to also include more franchises like Arcana Heart, Senran Kagura, and Akatsuki Blitzkamf. As far as gameplay goes, it’s relatively interesting to play due to pretty much every character having some sort of unique mechanic or gimmick moveset-wise, but that being said, it’s actually one of the easier modern fighters to get into imo, as the mechanical skill floor required to play at a basic level is pretty low, with the only proper move being simple quartercircles or double crouch for some characters.
While RWBY is the franchise out of the 4 major ones in the game to have the least amount of content (mainly due to all of non-music assets having to be made completely from scratch), the RWBY content that the game does have is great. The 5 RWBY characters in the game all have amazing sprites and the ways that their semblances are incorporated into their movesets are really interesting (for example, Yang’s is implemented as a permanent boost to her moves when she’s at low health, with I Burn fittingly playing when it activates). The in-game interactions each of the characters has (either though voiced intros/outros with certain characters or in the RWBY part of the story mode) are neat to see as well.
If you’re interested in buying it, it’s best to buy the digital-only special edition, even if it’s more expensive than the base game, as it comes with all of the current dlc content and is much cheaper than buying the base game + the expansion for Neo.


Speaking of RWBY in other games, anyone here play SMITE? If so, have you played with anyone on Team RWBY???