Rumblysuperset has left VG

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So Rumbly has left VG as he started doing a proper job. He was one of the oldest OGs who were still playing.


I personally don’t really enjoy Rumblysuperset’s youtube videos, because every video is just rambling with game footage.

Also I don’t find it particularly educational, or entertaining or even high skilled mechanical play. it’s just very normal, very very normal everyday run of the mill type play. So i never actually successfully sat through an entire video from him. i usually just skip through it.

Anyway. He sounds like a cool dude that has plenty of real life skills, so he’ll do well in whatever he decides to do.


His videos weren’t all that great to be honest… I remember when he played HOC but then left that game because it was dead due to Gameloft running it. Then he went to VG and played with that Fox guy (NoxFox?). And he started AoV constantly switching between the two of them. He took a YouTube as a career and decided to build it off of mobile MOBA games which imo is a terrible decision because playing something mainstream is gonna get you the cash eventually. He even played LoL but stopped playing that as well IIRC although he might still be playing that on his free time. I remember when the dude used to record in a room that echoed everything he said and he had “terrible” internet.

I like watching Rumbly, not how he played the game. I can’t imagine anyone else having the same personality that he has without seeming fake. And that’s where SEMC messed up because they lost a genuinely passionate person who even though he may not have been good at what he was playing or informative he was unique being in a place between Gat’s videos and tig’s videos. Entertaining, but long. VG is done for at this point it feels. Like this past year SEMC hasn’t even done like subjectively bad decisions like Golden Tickets and blueprints but like actually terrible decisions that everyone who plays the game can agree it was a bad decision.


The game is already predetermined.

VG will not make it to the end game. So many losses and no gains.



The critical part of this is the fact that Rumbly is the biggest Vainglory content creator on YouTube. SEMC messed up, yet again, and to nobody’s great surprise. With their extremely onerous requirements for YouTube creators, they have shut out nearly everyone that wasn’t already an established presence.


we have hats tho 30303030303030


I think rumbly was one of those covering them.

Sad day, hope to see him upload a video here/there (even if it’s like 1-2 times per week) when and if he has a free time for gaming. Tho it comes the problem that the game itself is not that much fun anymore. Is it better gfx, mechanics vs other mobile mobas? Yes, but is it a better overall experience? :slight_smile:

With that direction the game is heading, I can see it one more year in the current state with just money grab things and gg wp shutdown servers.

This all may be true, but watching the video, he doesn’t blame SEMC or even bring up anything negative about being a content creator.

it just sounds like a genuine decay of motivation over the many years of being a Vainglory supporter. Right up to this point where many has come the the same conclusion that he has: Vainglory just aint going to taking off.

I really don’t care about the politics behind the whole content creator debacle. So i’m going to stop commenting on this any further.

Just to add to what i said above - he’s a cool dude, smart guy with plenty of other life skills. He’s even indicated that it isn’t the END - it’s a break for him - "farewell - well sorta kinda ". EMPHASIS on “sorta”… “kinda”…

well… Those DOT DOT DOT’s… are used to stretch your imagination. SO yeah, take away from it as you will…

I agree with you. I don’t watch his videos for the gameplay. I like watching his personality and interactions with his teammates in his videos and his laugh is really cute? I don’t know what to call it. It just brings a smile to my face and you feel good seeing him have fun as well.

I’ve seen some people comment on his channel that he’s not playing like he used to or even on par with the pros now yet he still churns out video after video and still has a significant presence on youtube for vainglory. Having him gone (sorta…kinda…) will deal a really,really heavy blow to SEMC.

I actually left vg during the golden ticket phase so I can’t comment on that. Practically EVERYONE was playing it and I couldn’t get anyone in my guild/team to play 3v3 with me. Soloqing was hard and I ended up losing more than winning and titling during most of my games. I only came back as 5v5 has somewhat stabilised now with 3v3 getting sidelined. So, you gotta learn to adapt to the change. But coming back and seeing one after another well-known vg player leaving is really heartbreaking.

Rumbly was the first and one of the 2 VG Youtubers I watch. If you watch him for pro plays, then you will be frustrated. But anyway, he’s really chill dude and I loved watching his videos back in the day (I still do occasionally).

His videos are “just unedited” gameplay, but I do have to say that out of all the VG youtubers out there, he seems to have the most welcoming vibe. (Special mention to a new-ish VG Youtuber Rickless. He’s actually really good, cheery, and positive.)

It’s sad that VG is no longer able to sustain his living, but it’s not surprising. I wish him the best👏


I have very little respect for Rumbly. I have so little respect for him that other than myself, he is probably the person I have the least respect for (In the VG community). I have no empathy for him having to get a real job. I hated his content anyways ):<<<. It was lazy, trendchasing and abused the algorithm. However, the fact that the one who would seemingly benifit the most from the content creator thing is quitting is incredibly eyebrow raising. Personally, I don’t see his loss as a massive blow to the community, but I do see it as a sign of what is to come.

Getting free stuff in a mobile game is not exactly something to dream about tbh. :slight_smile:
The program is basically that - free stuff in the game, early access, etc - it won’t pay the bills and the few views in youtube will not either.

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Ah damn, I just subscribed to him. I liked his content.

Yeah, I agree with this completely. His vibe is just super accessible, so he was great for new players. I remember watching a lot of his early stuff when Skaarf and Ardan were released and really liking it (and learning to buy potions!). His channel always felt like one of your buddies was sharing a game replay with you, so you didn’t really care if the play was super high level. It was just fun. And @Locrex I agree, his laugh is pretty hilarious. You can’t help but be happy about it. :kraken_happy_t2: :minions_happy_t2:

I think the problem is that as his first VG fans got better, they didn’t find his videos that informative, so maybe started watching less… He started using some alt accounts, so his games weren’t instructive, and he doesn’t post losses, so players never got see how to deal with losing situations. Between those, I think his original fan base wasn’t as engaged with his content as they first were. He got swept up in going pro, and started tailoring his channel to that with “high-level gameplay” (in addition to streaming some), but that was never the kind of player he was. So his channel was kind of in a middle space where it wasn’t pro content, but it kind of lost some of the energy and excitement and randomness that appeals to new players and keeps them watching.

Anyway, I’m pulling for him - best of luck to him and his family! :cheers_minioncandy_t2:


When I was new to the game, a learned all things such us stutter stepping, building, play style and all from him (I was new so his skill was really high for me), and now I am VG (I achieve it some seasons ago), and I consider my self to be a decent player with good knowledge of the game, so it’s very sad for me to read this news… Also, I have to say that I stopped seeing most of his videos since 5v5 came out, but still sad for me :frowning: