Rumble in 4.6

The last thread on Rumble is pretty old, so I thought I’d start a new one. :sunny_happy_1:

I’ve been really enjoying Rumble recently - it’s a great warm-up before hopping into a ranked match, and for captains specifically, it’s good training for timing fountains and crucibles (I got lots of practice blocking Cath’s ult last patch, for instance). I will say that Churnwalker seems particularly OP in this mode though… tight quarters with jungle monsters and more hook targets than usual makes his especially dangerous, and game-opening invades can be deadly and frustrating.

What does everyone think? Been playing much Rumble recently?

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Just me then… :sunny_sad_3: :easter_sad_3: :spring_sad_3:

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Awwww lol

Well I sometimes rumble to test weird things like wp churn, cp caine, petal. Also Samuel & Silvernail seem OPish in this mode from what i’ve seen.

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it makes me lag :^( also miho big ick

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Rumble used to be my favorite mode. Any zone heroes can be especially strong in rumble but then again churn is strong in general rn.

CP churn for the lulz.