Rockets are cool


Time lapse of the assembly of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Block 5 prior to its move to the pad at LC39 … that’s a big freaking rocket.

(The video doesn’t OneBox properly because I am testing a new service that’s way cheaper than Vimeo Plus/Pro. So sorry for the extra window it opens when you click on it!)


Wow! This was great! Now I want to study aeronautical engineering XD


SpaceX is planning its first launch attempt of the Block 5 version of Falcon Heavy later today! The launch window opens at 6:35 PM EDT (22:35 UTC) and closes at 8:31 PM EDT (00:31 UTC), and a live webcast is set to begin 20 minutes prior to launch at

This is the second launch of the Falcon Heavy vehicle – the first launch was a test and was successful in delivering a dummy payload (Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster) to a solar orbit. The two side boosters were successfully landed at Cape Canaveral, but the center core failed to land on the SpaceX recovery ship.

The payload for this launch is a large communications satellite called Arabsat-6A. Once again, SpaceX will attempt to recover all three first stage boosters.

If you’ve not watched a SpaceX launch, it’s well worth the hour you’ll spend – their PR people are fantastic, the infographics are extremely well done, and with cameras all over the rocket, the in-flight video is amazing.

Webcast is live, currently at T-5 minutes! Vehicle and range are green!


All three boosters successfully recovered, 2nd stage has achieved orbit and is now in coast phase. Next step is another burn insert the payload into geosynchronous orbit!

Aaaaaaaannnndddd … SUCCESS! The Arabsat-6A has been placed in geosynchronous transfer orbit! Amazing work, SpaceX!