Roast me (Ecks Dee)

IGN: NinjaBryden

Go to an API site and look for ways to roast me (including my garbage wr). Make me hate myself.

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Might wanna add server for lazy people

You seem to do the best during days you only play 2 games for one.

You somehow found a way to lose as krul even with your team killing the enemy more and getting the dragon more. Like seriously how did you guys lose like that

uuuhe you have an i in your name mloa :joy_cat: :smirk_cat:


Haha look I gave you a whale, bet you feel like crap now don’t you?

Got 'em


I must have legs of steel to carry such a heavy player such as myself :^)

For a person who mains Grace, getting a 0/6/0 KDA with CP Grace is very shameful.
Ps this where I stopped watching tig’s vid so the KDA may be wrong but boy.

Sh I don’t talk about my CP Grace .-.

Well, seems like I win the chicken dinner then.

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You’re so bad that Nobody can’t roast you