Roams in carry/jungle roles

I saw in some of the 5v5 games I played there was some wp fort and cp Cath. Ok for one I am probably matched with other low/average tier players which is understandable and pretty much anything goes, but I saw wp fort/cp Cath a few times and was wondering they actually alright picks. I know fort is more a jungler or an aggressive roam but thought he went well with cp but he seems alright with some wp, cp Cath is an interesting choice is all I can say. So not just these two but roam heroes in carry/jungle positions, how are they?

Sorry if there’s a topic somewhere already discussing this it is a bit odd looking for topics that aren’t recent in each area

Weapon Koshka my dude. I know it’s not a roam hero but it’s on topic with low tier stupidity.
Added: Might I add that having your support/tank in top lane is a great idea. They don’t roam the map and stuff but it allowed me to rotate to mid lane often to suppress the enemy Saw, giving our team victory.


WP Fortress doesn’t seem spectacular to me, WP technically synergizes with his ult significantly but you can’t afford to only play around only that. Going WP you try to compete with peeps like Glaive and other bruisers - Fortress isn’t a great solo diver and his CP Path is good in part because its bursty on-hit stuff. It doesnt have to maintain contact with the enemy to deal good damage. So I would say WP Fortress isn’t impossible to make work, its just… suboptimal and overshadowed by more reliably WP carries imho.

CP Cath is a bit different. Catherine as a whole is a disruptor, rather than a full out defensive or offensive roamer. As such, her ability to protect and initiate is rather lacking, even invcluding some lucky ults. CP Cath would be ok as a utility carry that focuses on protecting a more important one such as Baron or Skaarf, from enemy interference. You would not use CP Cath in place of an actual roamer in 5v5. Keep in mind that its literally only useful for her A and C coming off of cooldown faster. Her damage is suboptimal at best, and she will be squishy. Some will make the argument for stacks, but that’s… just not going to happen, and is a different discussion. I mean come on, risking your life (or your teammate’s) for 1 armor/shield???

I can imagine CP Cath working in part of a chain CC comp, or as a splitpusher with Stormcrown maybe, but not much more. She just doesn’t have the damage to be an actual carry, which is why CP Catherine spams cooldown and items with on hit effects.

i recently play cp flicker top lane. more than 5 game and most of them win if not all.
works well for me. maybe just because most opponent are newbies…

also, wp/cp adagio is obviously viable

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Sounds toxic to me… clearly better options, lance, grace, Adagio and Lyra spring to mind.

Actually think you’ll see hybrid roams becoming viable choices, waiting to see what the pro teams come up with once competitive scene begins but massive late game CC could be hard to counter.

IMO the mode is too new to describe any picks as “toxic”

The next few months should allow for experimentation, no matter how dramatic, ESPECIALLY because 5v5 queue is casual.


Perhaps, I ran into CP lane Catherine three games on the bounce when I first played 5v5. I thought this was some weird meta, turned out they were trolls who did their best to throw the match.

I wouldn’t say it’s trolling either, they seemed like they were trying at least even tho it is questionable but hey anything can seem to be done in low skill games lol

When I played laner, why did my jungler still like to steal my minnion buff? For example, when I played WP Vox my jungler Koshka always stole that wp minnion buff. It is always happen. The jungler always stole minnion buff they are not belong to.

Yup i am trying to master a large variety of heroes so that I am comfortable with a wide array of heroes.

You don’t own those buffs…

So you mean that all buffs in jungle are belongs to jungler? Even the heal minnion?

Buffs typically goes to the junglers unless the laner gets a huge spike with the buff at the first wave. Like SAW. He’s so good with the buff. Ideally, the jungler must let him have wp buff.

But if you’re wp vox and a krul is on your team. Give krul the buff, his ganking potential will go UPPP.

Buffs don’t belong to anyone. But must be given to those who can use it best at that time in the game.

And heal treant must be given to the one who is hurt. If you and jungler clear the whole jungle. Most of the time, the jungler tanks the creeps. He must get the heal. If the jungler is not around the heal treant and you need it coz you lost a few trades while laning, go ahead and take it for yourself.


In early rotations yes the heal minion belongs to the jungler, they need it, same with the buffs, they should probably be given them early game as they’ll need it to clear their rotations.

Later game you can argue that certain buffs should be given to hyper carries etc but it’s going to be difficult to determine who this would be in soloq matches.

True im seeing wp grace cp fortress every 3rd match. Wp arden and wp catherine occasionally to. Definitely alot of troll picks i guess. No1 actually wants to roam still even in 5v5

WP Grace and CP Fort aren’t really troll picks, as they’re actually quite good (CP Fort more so because he can abuse AS)

Roam in 5v5 is less impactful than in 3v3. People hated how little impact they had in 3v3 now imagine playing captain in 5v5. You get shot to bits easier. You now have 3 carries who know better than you instead of 1.

Captain is the most ungraceful role to play. The lowest winrate is captain because you cannot create win conditions. If your carries suck prolonging their life will have zero effect…

You will be stuck without use or damage.


CP Catheine with Eve, aftershock and atlas fucks every other WP hero provided she knows how to use her B.

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I once did 74k dmg as cooldown Cath, overdrive B first. Love it

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