River Dance Party [humor]

So this happened last night while our team was waiting for Baron to spawn … it was a Coop vs AI match and we were way ahead, but Jinx needed our team to kill Baron to complete a mission, so we all went over to the river to wait for him to show up. Someone started dancing, and everyone there joined in. It was quite hilarious, because it went on for at least a minute. :man_dancing: :dancer:

Side note: I had no idea that Shelly (aka the Rift Herald) could dance too! :joy: But apparently she will join in if a champion starts dancing near her! (I looked it up afterwards to be sure!)


Nice nice, it’s great to see people still having fun in a game and not taking it that serious. :smile:

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OOOOH! The background changes to the Star Guardians BG.

But it looks kinda wonky for mobile but still nevertheless pretty.

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Yah, it’s a little wonky, for sure – pretty sure it’s kind of bugged, actually. It’s a Discourse feature that isn’t used much, I’ve discovered, as even some of the devs were unfamiliar with it when I asked about it on the support forum. :laughing:

I’m trying to fix it with CSS so it behaves like the regular site background, but that’s proving challenging.

Fixed! I implemented the custom backgrounds for the League and RWBY subcategories through CSS, much like our site’s main background. Works much better than the wonky built-in feature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another dance party! (The last SG mission – killing Baron – is good for creating opportunities for dancing.) :dancer: