Rip Vainglory, Wild Rift is on its way!

League of legends: Wild Rift is now up for pre registration as well as 2 other titles made by Riot.

The other 2 titles are teamfight Tactics as well as some kind of CCG game.

I absolutely love vainglory but nobody’s going to compete with leagues popularity, I’m going to miss you vainglory :frowning:

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Rest in peace Aov and MLBB too. They are all copycats that have lived for too long it’s time for them to die on cats heaven. May League Mobile be the next cash grab from Tencent’s long dreamed ambition and Riot’s desperate attempt to gain it’s ground on other platforms

Indeed, you can see the announcement trailer for the game through there official site for it and oh my, it’s freaking gorgeous.

Let’s all welcome the new future moba mobile leader.

BTW it’s also coming out for consoles!

Closing this topic, as it largely duplicates discussion here.

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