RIP Reza team in new event


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(But I want Gwen to win anyway, so …) :gwenrainbowbarf:

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Nooo, why you betray us. :crying_cat_face:

P/s: actually I love Gwen because she is … But unfortunately, I got into Team Sugar Daddy…
AARRRGGGGG! Please win, Gwen :zipper_mouth_face:

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I’m in both but I’m technically Team Gwen, so that Reza number is actually 22.

i duno about other regions, but here in SEA… Team Reza is winning by quite a large margin. (in game)

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It’s the same for everyone, I’m pretty sure. Also, it’s interesting that there are more members of Team Gwen than Team Reza in the forums! I wonder if we could get SEMC to tell us how many players of each team there are.

But team daddy won day 1 so far :^)

lmao but we’re winning… :stuck_out_tongue:

No…please don’t do this…
The rewards are just going to be a random unowned skins, so even if you win as team Reza, there are still chances that you might get Gwen’s skin.
Team doesn’t matter. You just have to WIN.

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Noooouu, team is matter.
Especially when you go to market and you see: "Team Reza"
Under that line is the picture of our Sugar Daddy…

Ruined my day… :unamused:

This isn’t 30 characters, reported for h a c c

One account Team Daddy, one Team Thicc… who do I support?

Team lame fire bois is winning ingame, i sadly dont think its “rip them in new event”
team booty will prevail

Like that’s a question, obviously team thicc.

Team Gwen in the forums and Team Reza in the game. So far Team Reza is winning.

I just have a curious question…
Why Team Reza always have more than Team Gwen 300k points?

Something must behind this :thinking:
Conspiracy mode turns on!

It’s rigged. Clearly. It was rigged from the start.

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