Ringo now definately needs some love

Well it’s been a while now and I haven’t heard anything about our pal Ringo here and it seems like everyone has forgot him. He’s needing some love. His perk is still useless in teamfights and now he still gets outclassed by the new heroes. If anyone here has any ideas on how to change Ringo, go forth and post your comments down below since I’m still thinking about it.

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i do not think he needs any changes. the new tornado trigger will amplify his b ability. and has it occured to you that perhaps his perk was not made for teamfights :thinking:


They said they are experimenting with double perk, we might see some double perks on Ringo soon enough.
Tbh the way I see Ringo’s kit is basic for sure but quite effective as well.
Like the same way Vox always stays meta because of kite and build style, Ringo follows the same path. Sure not the best kiting potential when compared but he builds just as fast if not faster than vox.
At least the way I see it.

Ringo is one of the best bot lane picks y’all just gotta know how to play the lane.


Ringos perk is made to poke in lane not for team fights >_>


But perk should be active for all situations, maybe not all the time but accesible at any time needed.

the perk can be anything from a passive thats always in effect to basically a fourth ability with conditions to activate.

i like that variety.

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His perk enables him to apply great early game pressure. Drop a minion poke the enemy…

Be interesting to see how the speed reductions impact on his builds but right now he can still be a beast in the right hands.

I think like maybe after a few basic attack like 2 or 3, he gains a crit shot. Make sure that it happens both in combat and farming.

With 49.4% winrate and 5th at most picked heroes in na, i think he’s fine the way he is, especially with the TT’s new passive, he’s going to be even better

Disclaimer here folks: I don’t say that Ringo is weak but he gets outshone by other heroes and his perk is utterly useless in combat.

You should see me play Ringo. :triumph:

I mean like if there aren’t any minions around like you’re in a jungle then boom. Useless perk.

You’re supposed to buy crit anyways so there really is no point in changing his perk. His perk is meant for early game harass so he can transition better into the late game and potentially make the enemy laner potato. Vox has short range but bounces, Ringo has decent range and a speed boost. In a 1v1 scenario he outclasses Vox and in a teamfight (supposing that the Vox and Ringo are being used to their max potential) he heavily outclasses the Vox. Ringo has a B that is essentially active all the time with SSW and with SB it is active most of the time in fights. Ringo has a higher skill cap than Vox because one of them dashes and the other has a speed boost, making kiting with one of them more difficult but more rewarding. Ringo is okay right now but with the TT changes helping Ringo more than Vox he will have a lower skill cap due to the constant SPEED.
All these words are just trying to say Ringo is less about the perk to maximize damage but instead SPEED to maximize damage. But maybe they should slap a 200% CP ratio on his perk so everytime it can be activated he does CP damage depending on his CP. Just lower the ratio on his A and we will have a fairly viable CP Ringo into the game as well.


Or change his perk to my suggestion for the 5th fucking time: after every 4th basic attack, his next basic attack will become a double-shot basic attack.

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I think we are going to see a Ringo with TT and maybe Pulseweave wreck some people next patch. Plus, I think Adagio is going to see lots of play and those two have great synergy.


Your making a change where none is necessary, his perks is used for early game harassment and clear. He isn’t potato, a decent ringo can be a complete pain in the arse especially late game when he can lat down sick amounts of single target DMG.

But a perk should be active at all time or easily accessible anywhere on the map.

To be honest I feel like you guys are in denial. Ringo hasn’t been played that much at all. His perk is only accessible after killing something and it becomes useless when you build full crit. There’s almost no point to it.

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That’s your opinion… seems most people think his perk is fine. Sure it’s not viable late game, but by this point ringo can lay down huge single target DMG, does he really need a buff?

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