Rezza answer


So it sound like Rezza is going to at sometime get a radical rework and right along side of it a spotlight


I don’t think he’s going to get a rework. He has a very good, useful and functional kit. He had been worked before he was released. Isn’t that what the tweet says?


It says the concept and reality diverged and saying he will get a spotlight when time is right sounds like they are trying to go back to what he was supposed to be


Yeah I get what you mean. Last part kinda sounds like that. But seriously I think they’re saying that just because they don’t see it as a priority. Reza is very good hero (viable, takes skill and is fun to play) so I don’t think they would rework him. They try to stay away from reworks as much as possible. Also even when heroes get reworked they’re usually reworked more in effects of their abilities and not as much overall gameplay. They usually are very close to their initial design.


Tbh I love his concept right now and to me, he isn’t a melee assassin. He’s Reza.


I think the idea of ‘reworking’ characters is becoming a trend/meme in itself. I’d be disappointed if they reworked him, but I’d welcome it.


I think petal is the rework queen atm


I Guess This Was Kinda Hard To Notice Since It Was A Comment Reply But I Saw This A While Back .


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Not sure he needs to be reworked. He’s actually pretty good in 5v5, he an be a nightmare in lane, he’s incredible hard to gank and his mobility enables him to harrass consistently.


you can thank @LamDumbasspro for that he’s been suggesting reworks left right and centre


Btw the idea ain’t mine but the values for that are mine.


I swear to god he’s the new lamcou :haha:


Without an aftershock, he is terrible. If they were to rework him, I would love to be able to build something other than aftershock to deal damage. As it says, he feels more like a melee hero than a mage. I think they perfected the mage feel with Samuel, and haven’t really been able to replicate it after him.(Varya is fun and all, but just feels to squishy for my liking, and Baptiste…He kinda feels like an evil scientist on LSD.)


Broadly the designer had one vision, the art department had a different one and Reza ended up as a compromise of the result of that. It mean’t his visuals were done super late which meant that it was impossible to complete a highlight video before release.

And since he is now released doing a spotlight video for him is a lower priority than getting new videos for up and coming features, heroes etc.


Meh I like Varya as a Mage, and Baptiste… I like him, but I wouldn’t exactly consider him a typical “mage”. I feel Reza is somewhere between a Mage and an assassin, and I like him that way.