Reza's changes dunno if you guys can help


+HP is reduced from 718 (+~144 HP per level) to 666 (+126 HP per level).

+Armor and shield is reduced from 20-60 to 20-50.

-Perk: Firestarter:

+Now deals burn damage and when consumed also deals a huge amount of damage but here's the catch. For every 0.1s that the target is burning, the consumed burst damage on that target is reduced by 2%. It will start burning 1s after application.

+Burn damage: 8 (+2 damage per level) +15% CP damage per second for 5s.

+Burst damage: 30 (+20 damage per level) +150% CP.

-A: Scorcher:

+Cooldown is changed from 6s/5.5s/5s/4.5s/4s to 7s/6s/5s/4s/3s.

+Damage is changed from 80/130/180/230/280 +90% CP to 40/110/180/250/320 +130% CP.

+Range is changed from 7m/7m/7m/7m/9m to 6m/7m/8m/9m/10m.

-B: Troublemaker:

+Now recharges all missing charges for 1 single time. (Recharge kicks in whenever you miss a charge and won't be interrupted when you use another charge).

+No longer has the 2s cooldown between each charge.

+Dash damage is changed from 70/100/130/160/190 +60% CP to 25/80/135/180/235 +100% CP

+Empowered damage is changed from 25/50/75/100/125 +80% CP to 15/45/75/105/135 +100% CP.

-Ult: Netherform Detonator:

+Cooldown is increased from 50s/45s/40s to 70s/60s/50s.

+Duration is changed from 6s/7s/8s to 4s/7s/10s.

+Damage is changed from 250/350/450 +50% CP to 200/300/400 +150% CP

+Now makes all abilities and basic attacks to apply and consume the Firestarter effect at the same time.

+No longer provides fortified health at the start but will generate fortified health according to the damage you deal (3 damage for 1 HP) up to a maximum of 20% max HP.
Edit 1:
HP is increased from 666 (+126 per level) to 666 (+142 per level)
Perk burn duration is reduced from 5s to 3s

Have you any idea how squishy he will be if you reduce both his armour/shield and his base hp?

I like the burn mechanic with firestarter though so man times my firestarter goes wasted. Btu i have a feeling that he would be too strong with it. But don’t say ‘it’s balanced because indicates number changes’ . I think there is probably a reason it doesn’t burn. Plus heroes all need to have some skil level and if ou waste your firestarter s then its your faul, and you need to practid3 him more. Having a low cooldown bur on someone possibly infinitely is quite a but strong


Reza is made as a hybrid between an assasin and a mage but his poke damage is not good neither his burst damage so I want to change that a bit.

How is his burst weak? He can do a ton of damage easily with his A and an AS boosted AA after, granted AS is pretty busted atm.

I couldn’t do that damage with the same pro build though I executed it like the pros

wait wait… you want to make Reza just delete everyone with his Ult now? You pretty much made it do more than double the damage it did before… RIP squishies

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I think my first question here is why you think Reza needs to be changed?

Then we can add a few more pertinent ones: What is the objective of all these changes? Does his win rate indicate that he needs a change in either direction? Is he a hero that gets better or worse at higher levels of play - indicating a potential skill cap or skill floor for effective use?

It’s all very well to propose changes, but there needs to be a reason beyond one’s immediate experiences. Some things should never change - like being drastically unfavored to win a 3v5, mages retaining superior poke, snipers having highest long term DPS, etc. If what you want is to make new hero kits, you are probably best off making new hero kits.

Speaking for Reza specifically - his A is not intended to be serious poke. Its mostly to enable a better burst with his B. They could have frontloaded the entire burst onto his B but that makes him more boring to play. I would also be curious as to why you feel like making him approximately as squishy as Ringo. I’m not expecting amazingly balanced numbers coming out from players here, but the concept should make some sense.

edit: also, Nivmett hates balancing heroes with really versatile kits. Blackfeather comes to mind, among others. :wink:
Most heroes have specific playstyles for a reason. I don’t see a reason for Reza to be nudged away from an assassin style path towards a mage. Either both halves of his kit end up sub par, or he is good at both and starts making other peeps obsolete. Neither is particularly pleasant to deal with.


If you play him right, his burst is insane. also his massive mobility allows him to chase down almost any opponent, making it really hard to escape from him. he’s actually a monster, noone can tell me otherwise.

Only at level 12…

And I’m trying to make ur experience with Reza better

Actually, mine was obvious, his damage for me is too weak. His damage is way worse than all of the assasin, which makes me wanna give him a buff

yeah, but, make him any stronger and he’ll be too OP. The idea with Reza, like with most assassins, is to take out the main target in a teamfight first, regardless of whether or not you survive. anything else is a bonus. and because of his mobility, he’s one of the best assassins at it. As for his damage output; it’s high enough, only Idris outclasses him on the assassin side, but then Idris desperately needs a nerf (and that’s coming from an Idris main).

I do like the 666hp easter egg tho.

As u can see, I buff his damage but at the cost of reduced HP and defense. He’ll be more like an assasin.
Nice eyes mate.

Mag come bacccccc
Also, what mag maw said

Alright, I can help.

This should have been in your original post, but as an immediate reaction, it’s not that bad. Make sure when you pitch something to give it a clear goal.

This is an immediate red flag. Just because YOU haven’t had success with a character doesn’t mean that they suck. It’s generally better to say things such as ‘In my opinion, Reza doesn’t fulfil the fantasy of a proper mage assassin’. Magmaw summed it up pretty well.

His damage is weaker compared to the other CP assassins, yes. But honestly, Koshka and Taka are dominant. So realistically, you’re comparing a 5/10 to a 8/10 and saying the 5 is bad. And if you’re talking about WP assassins too…

Point is, the way you make and respond to your threads needs to improve. That’s what I think you need help with more than your ideas.

Christ his burst DMG is insane, if you can’t blow up a squishy with him your doing something wrong., His mobility is borderline OP making him a laners nightmare, are you trying to suggest his is underpowered?

That’s not my experience in 5v5, he is actually a meta hero IMO, his ability to basically shrug disengage from any gank and his burst potential make him a strong lane option especially when combined with his AEO ability.

Just because you personally struggle to use his kit it doesn’t mean it’s underpowered. Someone else summoned it up well, anecdotal evidence doesn’t superceed imperial evidence. Since you’ve complained more than once about balancing you need to support your arguments with statistics supporting your case. One of in game analysis from (no disrespect) a low skill tier player isn’t justification for nerfing or buffing in game abilities

I doubt going off topic and calling for someone to come back will change their mind.
He’s his own person, and he can make his own choices. He can come back if he wants to.

Standard from OP, if he can’t play the hero or utilise their abilites he declares them broken. His Glaive changes were my all time favourite, imagine Krul sustain with 1/2s afterburner cooldown and a huge Ult.

what are you replying to

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You and me and a server :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, its going to be very hard to track down proper win rates in the future. Vainsocial, the best API site I’ve used, shut down recently. As far as I know, the Andromeda VG Bot also sources from Vainsocial. So as much as I want to keep harping on people to do their research, there might not be research they can do very soon. :frowning: