Reza with AS, CW FB and BM is pretty good

All his abilities proc it, and it makes him more sticky, and a good escape. Enemies chasing you? Hit em with A, and get away. Plus it got buffed. Your thoughts on this build


Hmm I might have to try this, in general which boots do you use with this build I’m guess halycon chargers



Yeah I build halcyon since FB makes me sticky, and can provide some utility in team fights

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I already suspected FrostBurn to become meta. lol. It’s going to replace SpellFire.

FB on Baptiste is a mistake… It doesn’t have the effects you want. A already has a slow B has a stun and C is Fear. Where does the slow benefit him over say DE or SF?

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Reza is already one of the stickiest hero’s on the fold thanks to his dash, why would you need an FB? With an AS/CW your B is going to approach spam levels.

I’d prefer the extra DMG from a SG/DE myself.

Frostburn on Celeste seems pretty good to be honest after the CP buff. Frostburn on reza is unecessary but it COULD work with the AOE ult and scorcher?

It’s to help with other teammates getting hits in. I’ll take a 50 point CP nerf for some utility. (taking FB over SG) Just imagine the team fight is getting set up, and you’re harassing with your A. that opens up dives, and will make the enemy captain play more protective, as one of the slows may catch a enemy hero out of position. Yes he’s sticky already, I just want to make it easy as possible for my team to get some hits in.

It does work with the ultimate. Everyone gets slowed and with the Proc each hit with ability dmg.

Emmm think I’d take the DMG personally, 50 CP is effectively 50% more burst DMG which is huge. He doesn’t have the best CP ratios so you want as much raw CP DMG as possible.

Just my opinion but FB is better on Celeste,Skarf and Skye, Kestrel… basically hero’s who either lack mobility or have high skill shot difficulty. On Skye for instance being able to land an entire barrage thanks to the slow is invaluable.

You’re looking at it from a theoretical perspective (as well as me but I actually feel like trying it out). 3v3 you’re right, you want to have the maximum damage output anyways. In 5v5 on the other hand that FB makes you a Top Lane support who does damage too. FB gives him an AoE slow on his A, his A only slows the first target it has direct impact on, and well you can only have direct impact on one hero so it slows one hero. FB gives him an AoE slow on that. FB makes his B slow while the enemy is trapped inside the circle giving them even less time to try and reposition. His ult after hitting it should be giving a slow to the enemies after the ability ends its duration. Mostly, FB punishes CP Baptiste less and in 5v5 you shouldn’t be trying to hard carry anyways. A build of FB, CW, SF/BM should be enough for him to deal damage and support his teammates.

But idk if none of those abilities proc FB then what I said is entirely useless and you should build SG/SF. Btw DE sounds good and all but due to the increased stacks it requires to make it deal a lot of damage and the amount of mortal wounds in the meta its kinda useless to give that to Baptiste as his healing scales off of CP and having a consistent heal is better than having a scaling one.

Wouldn’t as, cw and hc provide enough cool down that your b becomes spammable? Sure fb would provide some utility, but you’re supposed to be going in and taking out the backlines as quickly as possible as Reza, and a sg/de/bm would all do a better job.