[Reworked] Skaarf

  • We are apology for all the abuse we made while patching Skaarf for the 5v5. Therefore, we have made a reworked to our little dragon so people will now use Skaarf as a target to flame, not their teammate. We also realized that by nerfing the perk too hard, we have made his WP Path unable to play. It is a shame that his Ultimate has never been touched in WP build so we give him some fortified health so that he has something to stay alive after killing enemy’s carry. These changes will bring our Frostburn Skaarf back. If you have some New Year’s presents for him, remember to gift him with Monocle and he will become a true Assassin. - Real Nivmett

Perk: Fan the Flames:

  • Burn damage changed to 8-20 (lv1-lv12) + 1.5% CP each second for 4 seconds.
  • Remove CP Ratio for basic attack. Change it into 5.5% target’s max health as crystal damage. With crit, it’s gonna be 11% crystal damage and you know, that’s the unlucky number.

Split Fire

  • Crystal Ratio from 150% to 210%.


  • Damage per seconds change from 110% to 50%.
  • Ignite damage change from 50% to 60%.
  • Goop now slow 20% to enemies, while the burning good slows 35% to enemies.

Dragon Breath:

  • Fortified Health now scale 120% WP Ratio.