Rework a removed item

I really do like the icons for Echo and Warhorn, so I thought to myself “How would you reintroduce them back”.

Ill attempt to rework Echo cuz why not.

But ill redo it later cuz Im doing something rn

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You big tease. :wink:


war horn:
passive: fountain of renewal, stormguard banner
give some health and shield/armour
active: other allies activatables cooldowns are reduced by 10 seconds.

uhhh this is situational
lets them boot more often without being a second boot. alos relfex block

Warhorn. All enemies are scared to the bone from you blowing the horn. -20 speed moving away from cast location.

Allies will come to your aid faster with +20 speed moving to your location.

Warhorn lowers respawn timers and minion spawn timers creating real reinforcements.

Enemies receive 5% bonus damage when struck by a different character hit after hit. Up to 25% bonus damage on the final hit/skill. Each hero gets one shot at damaging a target.

Warhorn maybe but Echo is such a cheese item, honestly who cares about it. It’s like having a single burst health item active that you can use but it provides CD reduction like what’s the point, it’s just taking up space. Also imagine two Anka Ults and if you say that well just ban some moves from being able to use Echo, then you might as well just give Grace and Catherine two charges of their Ults.


I said rework not just bringing it back as it was…

•No shield or temporary fortified health-
When an ability hits a enemy, its deals 75% of the total damage of the ability after 4 seconds the intial hit.

If used on a shielded/fortified hero, it deals 135% of the total ability damage that was used after the heal/fortified/shield is over or ended.

Item cooldown is 8 seconds

Its meant against protection buff comps /niche item

It might sound confusing but I dont think so. But please ask if you are confused so I can explain.

I made the name actually relate to what the item does lol

And im not doing how the other items build into this or stats cuz thats alot more work

Would like to see Warhorn as some kind of buff allies item. Like giving health and movespeed passive from pulseweave and granting near allies like idk bonus attk speed or 15% bonus cp/wp (based on what they build or idk). But eh, don’t listen to me, I’d probably break the game more than what it already is.

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Active: The next ability you use will have its refunded 5 seconds after it is used. If the ability doesn’t hit or fails to cast (E.G. Not stunning anything on Cath, getting CCed out of your ult as Adagio) this effect is cancelled. Cooldown is based on the cooldown of the ability used.
Stats: 500 Health, 300 Energy, Energy Regen IDK, -15% CDR

Notes: I didn’t mistype that, it’s negative 15% CDR. If you get to 60% CDR and buy Echo you still get the 45% effective CDR, but I would advise you to not spend all your gold on Rooks, Contraption, Crown, Echo and Aftershock.
Niche should be powerful but hard to use. It’s essentially an alternative CDR item that gives you explosive power in teamfights at the cost of mediocre stats, but the stats on old echo were so bad it was depressing. The cooldown of the active item is reduced because waiting for a 2 minute cooldown active before teamfighting wasn’t any fun (HI FLASK).