[Revive and Rework] 5v5 Scout Trap, Echo, ... and MORE

“After a while, we have found a way to put Echo in a good use. This item will now provide extra offensive capability of control mage”.

+200 Max Energy

  • 4 Energy Rechard
  • 20 CP

Active: next skill used will leave an after-image of your champion. After 1.5s, that after image will automatically recast that skill again, dealing 35-185 + 25% CP damage (if it is AoE skills, deal the damage once per hero) and triggering the skillshot effect (but not trigger the CC). The after-image will have 25% of hero’s max health with same defense. NOTE: Target out-of-reach when the skill target is touch-and-click will make the after image stand still and do nothing. CD: 20s.

Notes on Catherine: Echo won’t trigger her Passive. However, effect from B can still be kept. (imagine you play CP Kestrel, attack both Cath and her after image, receive double reflected damage…)

5v5 Explosive Trap
One version scout trap, this is only used to clear waves.
Price: 1000
Place a scout trap on the ground which will be activated only after 30s and when a minion steps on, executing all minions in (x2 old scout trap radious). This cannot be bought twice in the next 5 mins for the whole team.

5v5 Scout Trap
Price: 300
Place a scout trap on the ground which is invisble lasts forever. The radius of this scout trap = x3 old scout trap, however, it is not gonna to explode and deal damage. For compensation, whenever an enemy heroes step on its radius, they will receive Revealed debuff for 5s.
Revealed: person who is revealed will be visible on enemy’s sight. Moreover, it also reveals invisible heroes and the one carries this debuff themselves won’t know they have been revealed.

Cost: 2300
“Most of Captains will gonna buy Stormcrown to deal more poke damage in early game and turret pushing in late game. However, Warhorn will be their alternative choice to choose.”
+30% Attack Speed
+4 Energy Recharge
+50 Shield

Passive: Basic attacks deal 4-13 (level 1-12) bonus true damage per second to heroes and add a War Cry stack to enemies for 3 seconds. Allies attack will detonate the stack and they will receive additional +0.55 Move Speed for 0.8s.

its not exactly a scout trap if its not used to scout…

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I agree, i think u shiyld be able to place it in a area and that area becomes un-useable to place cams from both teams and can be a one-hit-and-destroy-it with a flare

thatd feel super weird and annoying for people who arent roams

no cool down for war horn? they’ll have to boost as long as they keep attacking.

scout trap is kinda useless. it costs too much and promotes a lack of map awareness. even if it is intended for late game, just laying down a couple around the armories will destroy any counter-play the losing team had. it is the winning team that usually has the gold advantage, thus they’ll be the one’s laying down traps to prevent counter-play.

the echo idea will still find a nasty way to be abused. Global ult’s can be used anywhere, without any threat to the after-image. Might as well make the image 0% health, it will still be abused. with a 20s CD, expect plenty of Global ult’s being spammed.


Yep, the movespeed boost is not much, like about 20% additional movespeed so you can take it like a counter to frostburn.

I agree, I am gonna tweak it a little bit.

Nope, not at all. To trigger it with global ulti, you have to have your Ulti’ available first.
However, while the old Echo can only useful for catherine kits, for other time it is only used for ultimate, but when I change from CC -> effect, ardan’s echo ulti will not stun, but let him use his B twice with 20s CD. Moreover, carries can ultilize this as well. Celeste can use it to trigger the explosion, Glaive can use it to glide twice, Lorelai becomes a shitty hero who takes down turret fasts af, Lyra is more OP with double ult, Taka can abuse it by… should have not mentioned this

Also, i made a note how to use it if you play Catherine.

Most fun part? Playing Lyra! Use Ulti with Echo will make the after image uses ulti after 1.5s, so basicly you will be teleported back in just 1.5s instead of 4s. CHAOS EVERYWHERE

So you’re not at all concerned about double Varya lighting bolts? making it 6 per hero? with a CW the cooldown will be down in no time.

How about double the amount of wolves? that’s a tonn of lifesteal
Double nukes from CP Baron? in Brawls it will be 6 with his legendary.

How about kestrel? why do you think double damage from a ult that already takes more than half the health, makes it not just a shoot when he’s low health, it makes it shoot at full health and still die.

Seems like my subtle hints still need more detailed explaination…

First, the damage echo deals will be applied once per hero (i have added it recently), and like I already stated, it deals a seperate 35-185 + 25% CP damage. So litterally, it is like another version of spellfire when comes to damage.

With the damage applied once per hero, each even though the wolves gonna bite a lot, they deals 0 damage afterward if they are echo wolves. But still, the attack speed and stuff still available.

For Kestrel, applying it for Ult is not a good idea since combining with the delay in her ulti, the delay the echo has would be 3 secs. I don’t think people cannot dodge a 3s delay skill. Baron is the same as well. Remember that the Echo will fire the skill in the same location the previous ult being fired to.

For Stacking Skills, i.e Kestrel’s A, Echo will only use the A skill once instead of 4 times.