Returning to VG (Mistake or Good Idea?)

So after being not playing VG for what seems like forever, I’ve decided to come back and see what changed. Whats the new meta? Who are these new heroes? I’m curious to see how well ill do.

I’ve also noticed how different VG and LoL are. Game lengths are similar, but the scaling is so much more fast paced. Leashes don’t exist apparently in VG. Which kinda sucks since I’ve been jungling a little more than i used to in VG. Maybe it can become in thing in VG one day.

Also, Whats new here? How have things been since the spring season?

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Do you only want information on 3v3 (as you posted this in 3v3 topic), you just the game in general?

If it’s only 3v3 then I would recommend him not to return to VG.


Ah, didn’t see the 3v3 category, thought it was just VG discussion. my b. i meant overall

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From LOL? You are totally better playing LOL if you enjoy it. VG is rapidly declining and even SEMC themself said the game is in maintenance mode + working on a new game. I would even go as far as to say if wanting mobile game - go for ML or AOV, especially ML that got like roflmao times bigger player base vs AOV and AOV itself got times the VG player base. No players, trolls, aggression, long que times, from 8 match found 6 dodges (yesterday). I used to love this game, but the current state is really bad.


Dont wanna be negative but also i would lying if i said it isnt a mistake, game is in shambles.

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I came back to VG and I’m still here after several months.

The only thing that is terrible is the matchmaking IMO.

Hope you enjoy it while you still play but don’t be shocked when you slowly lose your will to live.


While SEMC has taken a step back in regard to systemic content (progression, social features etc), the actual in gameplay is really is in really good place. New, franky impressively high quality heroes release every patch (there was a bout of lower effort heroes to fill out the hero pool late 2018 early 2019). Items while still lacking in diversity, have been improved massively, and properly itemizing defense is more important than it has ever been.

In regard to balance, while there are quite a few very powerful heroes, the meta is quite well rounded. Assassins, Bruisers/warriors, utility tanks etc, are all quite viable which leads to a pretty diverse meta and good options for what you want to play.

To be brief, if you enjoy Vainglory for the gameplay, specifically the more long form strategic game-play of 5v5, definitely. It has something unique and compelling to offer, VG is not just worse LoL.

Let me disagree here. Miho is poorly designed: her B makes no sense, is useless most times and she relies too much on her ult, which is not good either.

Ishtar: although the concept is good, the way her ult works can’t be balanced in any world.

Leo: I don’t think I have to explain his problem (which is all his kit).

I also disagree here, heroes are not balanced. Neither in 5v5 or in 3v3 (were the problem is greater).

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If you look at the recent NA tournament (Nasram or something?), we saw every hero class widely featured. Bruisers and snipers in bot, a large diversity of successful junglers (8 different jungle heroes I believe won games) ranging from utility tanks like Churnwalker, Mages, even Lorelei was picked twice in jungle. Captains showed off Lyra, Lorelei, Phinn, Yates, Sen Feng, and Ardan. I forget if cath was ever picked in the captain position. Mid was probably the least diverse position, with really only Skaarf, Adagio, Sam, and Warhalk being popular, with malene being picked twice but not dominant (she is still perfectly playable in normal games) and Vox I believe doing ok. That’s still an alright pool for a lane. Top lane saw Petal picked up, and successfully used as a counter to Kestrel twice, in addition to pretty much every other top lane hero you can think of. Probably 10+ viable top lanes rn. Bot lane saw Caine, Kestrel, Kinetic, Gwen, Kensei, Joule, and Miho all succeeding. That’s 7 very viable picks in that lane alone.

Again, this patch suffers from an excess of power picks, but leaves plenty of room to work with, and really never forces you into the same hero over and over. In public Q you have even more options, with stuff like Varya, and CP Vox being perfectly usable. I also forgot to mention assassins which were successful multiple times as pocket picks against squishy comps. While not reliable, Reza and Anka can both work perfectly well in the right situation, but struggle in the meta of tanks and bruisers that exists rn.

In public Q you have more options just because the skill level has been decreasing over time. Vox and Varya are not even viable, they are just trash. Kestrel, Caine, Joule and Leo can wipe any other bot laner easily. Joule can work even in top, wining that 1vs2, which is stupid.

The problem right now is that if you have any competente team, you can’t use a viable hero against those top tiers because the difference is too much. Miho destroys the enemy as often as she gets destroyed just because how easy is to counter her whole kit. Warhawk is almost instawin except if you use Ishtar or Adagio. The meta and how heroes are being designed right now is more focused on rock paper scissor than it should be: you have X counter to Y hero and you have won. You block Miho’s ult and you have won, you stun Leo and you have won; and the only heroes who doesn’t suffer from it are just overpower to unbelievable levels as Joule or Warhawk.

In 3v3 is also worse: Petal is impossible to beat except if you play Joule or Ishtar, you can only beat Ishtar with Joule, Warhawk beats ishtar, all those beats Skye, who also defeats any other hero.

This patch is one of the most unbalanced ones I’ve ever seen. How is ShinKaigan balancing the game? Easy: if everyone is OP none is.


Most of them new heroes that SEMC seem unable to balance. Outside of joule, all the other op heroes are the new ones.

If you enjoy losing sure. Add idris too, and baron.

You have Leo, Warhawk, Ishtar, Joule, Miho, Cain as op heroes. That’s 6 op heroes, the highest up to this date. That while also having Vox, baron, idris, Varya, krul, Saw, reim, maybe koshka as better forgive them. I would also add Silvernail and Glaive to that list. Great balance.

Also, from all the assassins, as meta heroes you have BF (CP) and Miho, 2 out of… 7?

For the op: if you ask me, I would say no, it’s what I said to all my friends when they ask me. That being said, I suggest you that you try it yourself. As you’ve seen here opinions are very different, they change from servers, skill tier, time of playing… so the best way to know how will it play for you is to try it.


Yep. Well said. I would also advice Brad not to play casual (main modes) if your looking for some laid back gameplay. Casual is a straight mess and isnt worthy of even playing in a casual manner. Go to other Mobas that a friendlier casual experience.