Return of the king

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last posted here! I think I may be trying to get into playing vg again cause I have recently downloaded the PC client and it works flawlessly with the ability to pick skins from 1a combined with the username feature in 1b! Playing a couple games, although through long queue times, reminded me of why I loved this game so much and I have realized I don’t necessarily NEED constant content to really enjoy VG (I just need to not burn myself out lol). I guess I just needed the ability to play on PC to really want to come back and I got exactly that, so I guess you can consider me re-entering the community in a much more casual sense (For obvious reasons). I really look forward for the chance to play VG with the bois once again and just kind of re-ignite the love I had for this game.


Hey :wave: and welcome back!!!

I play VG every once in a while, and each time I’m just blown away by how beautiful it looks. It still hurts my heart that SEMC abandoned such a terrific game — I wonder if the real story of why they lost interest will ever be told.

Tbh, I haven’t played VG on PC except for once or twice. I remember not liking it at the time except for the replay feature, so I could get pretty screenshots. Why do you enjoy it more on PC, if I may ask?

I prefer PC due to just liking playing on mouse more. I also find it easier to use ability based heroes on pc since I don’t have to worry about missing the ability icon which happens frequently when I play on mobile and it tends to make me miss kills or get killed myself (Actually happened to me a couple days ago when I played as Taka and I had fun despite my team not being very good and having an afk, but I just wanted to bully people with him :^) ). I also find that I get DRASTICALLY better at certain heroes like Kestrel when I play on PC at the expense of being overall weaker on very stutter step reliant heroes like Ringo. I also play on Ethernet, so my connection is faaaar more stable on pc than it is on my phone.

The workaround I use to play on PC also allows me to use both the ability to use skins from 1A and the username feature from 1B, which is a HUGE plus as well.

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Same here, only with my brother and from time to time. Playing with friends is a little bit tiring, specially since you need to snipe each other.

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