Reply by Email? How?

I understand this might sound like a stupid question but my mom always told me there’s no such thing.

Reply by Email, despite being a badge, would actually be extremely beneficial to my lifestyle. I figured (possibly moronically) that I literally just reply to said Email as if it was a thread reply. I… don’t think that was the solution.
I checked my preferences and it says nothing about directly replying to a post via email. Was wondering if someone with some experience or success actually performing this sort of reply could offer me a bit of insight.

According to the Discourse FAQ, it is an option yes, however it requires a mildly difficult setup from an admin. It looks like an admin would have to not only set it up, but then also give the function to particular groups or categories.

Oh, well then whatever, that’s a lot of unnecessary effort for minimal return. Thanks for the info. I’ll stick with the mobile browser. :+1: