Reommended (but not highest nor lowest) specs to run vg?

So the iPad minis seem to cost about 400-600, which is only a few weeks worth of work for me, I’m a bit hesitant on getting the iPad minis or opt for the pro…Just answer the title please too kek

I have 1.5gb ram and 1.3ghz processor and i play on medium graphics. The high graphics lags a lot. Medium is very smooth. So i assume to play with best graphics u need atleast a 2gb ram cos even other high graphics games like PUBG need a 2gb ram and a 1.6ghz.

The iPad Air 2 with 2018 specs should run VG great. ~$400

I would say a snapdragon 430 with 2gb ram can run VG with fog of war

Dud that’s what I literally use, fog of war is great yeah, but I can’t use heroes like vox, ringo

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Hmm…if you talking about USD then I’d have to double that amount,so about $800

The game runs great on mine htc m8 (snapdragon 801, 2GB ram, android 6.0.1, 1080p). Play it on medium, but runs good on high too.

Yes that’s 400 USD.

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€350 over here. My wife got the 2017 for €289

why ipad mini/air?
go for 6th gen 2018

;-; idk whether to go for the iPad or the iPad pro…the dealer recommended to opt for the iPad pro but idk if it’s a marketing ploy or not

ipad pro is for work, afaik. for designer or architect, or similar field of work.
for money’s worth, it’s ipad6

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iPad pro is the best performer. Ipad 2018 is most bang for buck. Or 2017 for that matter…

I have 2gb ram and 1.8ghz octa core with snapdragon 450 and I can run vg on high settings perfectly

My Nexus 6p can run Fog of War, but I might have to get a new phone since it is starting to falter in other places other than just VG (the microphone is booty rn for some reason)