Remember when events were a thing?

When Varya came out there was an event that rewarded EVERYONE if they achieved a certain amount of kills. Not too long ago, there was also an event that allowed players to choose between teams (Koshka, taka, glaive and rona) that would be rewarded based on how many wins they had. The last meaningful event was the first battlegrounds event during the kinetic update that by the way was not only annoying but broken as well. Events since then have been either cheap and worthless or straight up discount on heroes/skins. Did the devs took a break with events or they just gave up original ideas? Or perhaps they only make events when heroes or new skins come out?

The best event they ever did (imo) was the Red Lantern event back when Ozo came out. They really have never done anything like it ever again, and I don’t understand why not.

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So you don’t like the Adagio skin? I don’t understand why people complain about free stuff. Like getting 10 wins in a row isn’t that hard to get when you can just party.

If you’re complaining about difficulty then yeah I guess it’s pretty bad. But most of these have been freebies with some decent stuff.

Im not complaining about the “10 win streak” type of stuff or anything like that. I think they are pretty reasonable events with moderate difficulty levels and prizes (unless you play blitz because talents). But when was the last time events were something aside from “win x times to win x prize yay”? Team-based events and “do this and this to get this” type of event felt more fun and rewarded imo.

They really need to expand their event types by miles.

Everyone can attest to the fact that events have been mediocre at best but implying that they aren’t a thing anymore is beyond false. We’ve had an event almost consistently for what feels like forever. A few days ago, my event tab was greyed out and I was shocked because I didn’t realize they were taking a break.

I’m all for being critical of SEMC, and we all should be about the quality of events, but your OP seems to be critical of quantity of which they have plenty.

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The only real event they did was the guild event


Then your complaining about quality, not quantity. You should probably emphasize that more.

They probably made the events more like this cycle because it is what works. After throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks this might have been one of the few things that stuck. Notice how on Reddit (their main source of player feedback) people haven’t complained about events in a long time. The team ones were always pre-determined with people like Gattorex putting up polls right after voting. This just lead to people playing less. But stuff like the 10 wins for RoD Skye is the type of thing people want.

I’m satisfied with the events. I play this game for the sake of it being a MOBA and since the events have now become more of a side quest rather than PLAY THIS MODE RIGHT NOW TO GET COOL STUFF it just feels better to me personally and maybe others.

The Reza and Gwen event (Reza FTW) was basically called “rigged” by those in the losing side as the games would sway everyday.

people also forget the checklist which is another event type that has stuck around.

I personally like them because they make me break my routine and do stuff I usually would not.

Honestly the events they are doing work pretty well, it’s really quite a fun night to hop on with friends and run whatever the current event demands of us, and the rewards are quite worthwhile. If they do event every week or so, they can’t give something great for minimal effort, while most events don’t have crazy value they really do add up.

Got two free heroes from that, and enough glory to buy Celeste. Ahh, the good old days.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that people complain about this game not because it’s specifically bad, but because it doesn’t live up to it’s potential. Yes, you could easily miss a lot of events these days because the fanfare and spectacle is lacking, but they’ve been doing a lot better with providing events in general. I don’t think it’s fair to SEMC to act as though they haven’t been doing anything. Should what they’re doing be more exciting? For their benefit mostly, yes, but they’re doing more events now than they ever have, and that’s good for the general player base.

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It’s one of the reasons, I agree. VG had a ton of potential in its early days, and people had high hopes for where it was going. When talents were announced was when I first got the sense that SEMC’s priorities and the community’s differed significantly.

Absolutely. Something happened around the time of talents. Don’t know exactly what but it was definitely then that the trend started. Everything felt different with that one decision. That’s when the promise of the game started fading and it hasn’t stopped since almost no matter what semc does. It’s like talents or whatever made semc decide to implement them are like a cancer and after the ui changes and countless other things it’s just different nowadays. Maybe part of it is us being so critical because we know this game could be so much better than it is and we can’t avoid feeling that way every time we look at it: it’s so damn beautiful and well designed at its core, but it also doesn’t feel like the aesthetic, no, the soul of the game, is as important to semc anymore. And that, unfortunately, is the reason why most of us like it. Just like refinement and ‘cool’ is the reason most people like iPhones, just like there’s a reason everyone picks one product over the other no matter how similar they are.

Semc seems to not realize just how much it matters that its game has a soul & character of its own, and it’s a mistake to change that without just making it a brand new game. I really do think Vainglory needs a full on revamp in the Vein of a Vainglory 2. There are to many core issues popping up that people are noticing more as the game ages: too many issues with hero kits & scaling, too many issues with picking up game mechanics for new players, too many issues with solo play vs party play. I mean just the fact alone that captains are so unfun to play half the time and hyper carries are so unfun to play both in the beginning for the player and against by the end is a core issue. Most games have proper limitations on overpowered weapons that make them feel powerful but still fair, but in Vainglory the only limitation on overpowered heroes is your skill and know how for a lot of them. It’s not enough.

Like many have said, Vainglory kinda has an identity crisis it needs to address for the sake of its future, and the higher ups have to accept that Vainglory is like a kid in the family: it’s developed its own identity now and trying to change it without starting from the basics is kinda futile because people already know it as a certain great thing with flaws, and to change it and have people still adopt, it has to be better than it was before, because that’s why people picked Vainglory in the first place: the promise of something better, in a whole, complete package.

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