Relevant repost from ded forum about talent monetization since reddit is talking about talents now

Humanist? What do you mean? I have absolutely no idea…

one of the esports caster.
he also has a nice youtube channel

My take is that someone with the money at SEMC or invested in it has been really stubborn with their vision of how things should be for too long, and with the competition out now, most of what’s being done is return on investment. A lot of stuff in the game has the hallmarks of disconnect with player experience, based on going off market study rather than actual feel for the experience. That’s not to say that there are not experienced gamers & programmers making suggestions.

To the point of talents, that ship has sailed, and SEMC isn’t in a position to do much about it until their standing goes up in the moba world. It’s not even that bad that talents are p2w, but that they are ridiculously balanced. They don’t have to go back to being ineffective, but they don’t have to be so OP in certain cases either, and I still stand by the idea that some talents, albeit in MUCH weaker, permanent “upgrades”, could make it to other modes, and no, I don’t mean paid. I mean in a full revamp of Vainglory, which I would expect at some point, given all the little things that really need to be worked on.

Ultimately, the main issue is just tighter yet still entertaining balancing. Hopefully now that 5v5 is out, and once this new hero is released, SEMC will go back to worrying about core gameplay and user experience issues, and put that forefront. All this new stuff really needs to be sideburner for at least the next season.


I just wonder how long it’s going to be before 3v3 has talents? It seems to be the logical progression… Keeping one serious format for truly competitive players and the rest for casuals with the pay to win mechanic baked in to generate revenue.

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that can happen
but even so, not in the near future

also they have to move 3v3 to brawl mode otherwise the description of “brawl mode only” won’t fit

Dudes. Don’t even give them ideas. Even phrasing this as a negative expectation can and will be misconstrued as “they are willing to put up with it” on the other end.

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